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Sick in Bangkok

2005-10-05 23:25:00

Sick in Bangkok
9:23 Wednesday October 5, 2005

I have a headache, dull and slow, I am weak, started the symptoms on the last day in India or maybe a day before. It is hard to say what is wrong; I also have a sore throat. I think it is an infection; I normally do not blog about small sickness problems because my mother read every one of them and only makes her think too much.

However, this time I am seeing a correlation between travel and sickness that I never notice before. I believe I have not eaten healthy for a long time, this is because of many reason.

1. Cost of good food is expensive.
2. There are not normal Western Supermarkets in most of the world.
3. I do not like to negotiate to buy food.
4. It takes about one to two hours per day to find food to eat; I end up being lazy and not buying the good foods, and opt for the easy to find foods.
5. Foods in most of the small shops are just junk food, cookies, and other sweets.
6. Eating is never a routine here, I cannot stock the fridge, eat as I wish, and enjoy the meal, every meal is in a special place, therefore I avoid eating a sit down meal.
7. The people are so dirty I do not eat only a few packaged foods.
8. The veggies make life hard for me to eat anything but pasta or rice.
9. The people are so annoying I do not want to enter a restaurant.
10. Everything is so complicated I eat at McDonalds or 7-11.
11. They take so long in a restaurant to cook and bring the food I avoid them or go to McDonalds or 7-11.