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Relaxing in Manila

2005-10-21 21:40:00

It is great to be back in Manila, I am relazing in 24 Air Conditioned Internet Cafe and catching up on a lot of messes and cleaning up the world of Internet for me. I have my computer connected to the internet.

The Hostel is great, free coffee in the morning, private room and there is some older 68 year old Gentlemman from England that is absolutely a great conversationalist. Many conversations about the state of the world and how the influences of many forces through history evolves. It is sometimes really great to talk with a person that can see a little more of the whole picture.

I am debating about beaches, there are a couple of beaches I have on my list to go and explore, I will need to move quick, I only have 3 weeks here, before I fly to Macau.

I will start to put up some photos, I have one of the best internet connections I have had in my world travels here. England has that Kings Crossing which is also a great place for me stop and upload and download may files.

There are projects where it is better to have my own computer connected to the internet and not just my thumbdrive. I can relaz knowing that I have all the information with me. When I go to an internet cafe with my thumb I often forget one crucial file. Too much organization needed, I normally do not have problems. I am buying a few domain names, and hosting so need to take care and keep the configurations.

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