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Manila to Macau

2005-10-30 21:30:00

Manila to Macau Flight

Monday October 31, 2005, 7:20 AM

I have a plane ticket to Macau on November 6, I am not so happy about this. I discovered they are having some type of Sports Games there and all the Hotels could be full. This is not good, for sure one part of travel I do not like is tourist, I like to talk with tourist, however where there are droves of them I would rather be anywhere but there. I hope to figure out a way either to get a cheap Hotel-Hostel reservation or to quickly go to Hong Kong on the same day I arrive.

I often look at myself as some type of travel expert, on the other side I often look at myself as quite na�ve. There is nothing like travel to prove you know nothing about anything, very easy to have humility. That one dingaling that posted how stupid I was because I did not know where the city of Shenzhen in China, just across the border from Hong Kong. People think you should learn all the geography of the world; however, this is like saying to know all the Stars in the sky and name them. There really is no need; they make Encyclopedias and Atlases for this type of thing.

Einstein once said something to the extent as I paraphrase, a piece of paper can remember better than any person on the planet.

I just looked at the map of Hong Kong and Macau, they are only 20 miles apart, and this crazy city in Chine Shenzhen that I cannot spell correctly is very close. I should be able to travel from one location to the next fast.

I am trying to get in touch with what I am feeling about this, I think I do not like to be ripped off or how do I say in proper English. I do not like people to take advantage of my lack of knowledge to over charge me for transportation�

The guidebook to me is supposed to help or stop this� I have a guidebook to Hong Kong, I will see if it helps. It is a Lonely Planet I purchase used on Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.

Absolutely worthless.


It has the departure tax figured out, the tax leaving Hong Kong and going to Macau or the opposite. I really did not figure this out, it is not a big concern because it is not something that normally changes or I have to negotiate.

The reason the book is worthless it is not for Backpackers it is for tourist that are on a one-time trip to Hong Kong or Macau.

I have 426 page of book here to figure out and all I want to know is:

1. What is the name of the top three backpacker places to sleep cheap or �Popular with the Backpackers� places in Macau?

2. How do I get from the Macau airport to this Hostel or Area of the city?

3. How much do I pay for transportation?

I like to take taxis and if the price is under 15 USA dollars, I will pay this just to avoid having to read the book or stand around for an hour with my guidebook in hand trying to figure out where to go.


I want to know how to get off the plane and go to the �Popular with the Backpackers� Hostel or Hotels in Hong Kong?

What are the names?

How much is the transportation? MONEY?

Can I take a taxi and make my life real easy?

Many of you would think this is all somewhat silly; however to me I do not want to live or visit Hong Kong or Macau in the sense of I care to know everything about the place. I just want to go hang out a couple of days, try to figure out the cities and see if I can visit easy.

More or less I am looking for a base, a place like I have right now in Manila, where I can sit around and talk with people and learn how to travel. Strangely not many people here in Manila in the Hostel are traveling around, however if I wish, I can still figure out where or how to go to a place.


I went to the area called Makati, here in Manila the other day, it is the financial district of �suit� area of the city I guess, plus I guess they have some street called �Burgos� I do not know how to spell, however this is the find bar girls street. On the other hand, maybe the center of the party street, luckily this Australian guy Martin took me to Makati. I went to talk with this big web design company that translates English to Chinese or Japanese or many others. Really what they do is have a complex computer program that does it for clients by machine, not a big deal, however for the really na�ve a big deal.

OK, so Martin made my life easy.

This is how it works.

Walk out the Hotel� I am in the Friendly Backpackers Guesthouse on Adriatico. However, the center of Maleta is really the Maleta Pension Hotel, if you ask for the Pan something Hotel you will get close� hehehe.

I went and asked. The name of the Hotel is the Pan Pacific Hotel.

Ok, this is how you come to Manila easy.

Get off the Plane in Manila.
1. 450 OPTION: Pay a lot and go to the taxi stand at the exit of the airport, they will arrange taxis. They will make you pay about 450 Pesos to go to the �Pan Pacific Hotel in Malate area.� You are going to Adriatico Street.

2. 150 OPTION - CHEAP Taxi. - Trust the Meter however check !
Get out of the Airport anyway you can and flag down a taxi.
Malate - MAW LAW TAY
Pan Pacific Hotel
Adriatico Street.

From the Pan Pacific ask or walk two block to go to the Malate Pension on the way you will pass the Friendly Guesthouse, nobody will know where it is located so you will wander around in this small two block area between the Pan Pacific an the Malete Pension till you find the place.

Friendlys Guesthouse
Fourth Floor of a white building.
Corner of Nakpil Street and Adriatico Street.

Adriatico is the big street, and Nakpil the taxi will not know.
Cost about 150 Peso for dorm bed and about 450 for private room.

Be careful there is a Hotels called Friendly that is NOT on Adriatico.

Stay a couple of nights and figure out the guidebook and the Philippines by talking with Benjie the owner or other people in the Hostel. That is all you need to know to visit Manila easy.

IF you do not find a room in the Friendly Guesthouse, there are many small and cheap Hotels in the area. They speak English here more or less so just talk to one bike taxi and they will take you to cheap hotel. However, sit around in the Friendly until someone helps you, or go to the Malete Pension it is ok, however boring.

Going to MAKATI.

Walk out in this area, flag a taxi, and pay 150 Peso by the Meter, no more, make them put on the meter or do not go.

This is all I want, the skinny on how to go from the plane to Macao or the skinny on how to go to Hong Kong.

Just the bottom lines of travel.

You may think this is silly or stupid, however it just means you do not travel very much, there is always an easy quick way to enter and leave a country or city. This can be said or written just that fast, the time where a guidebook become good is after you are in the �Center of the Backpackers Universe.�

Get me there, and then I will look around or borrow a guidebook. For those people who are very arrogant and like to read guidebooks of 456 pages from cover to cover and know the skinny on nothing. Think if you visited 20 countries on a round the world trip.

How do you carry 20 guidebooks?

How do you read 9000 pages of book?
Who wants to read this much?
Nobody does, however a few do, probably the guidebook writer.

I have decided that the Philippines is one of the best places on the planet to visit for many reason, beaches, friendly, good shopping, scuba diving, primitive cultures, and just about anything you wish to do.

I on the other hand think the guidebooks are terrible; they totally discourage me from wanting to visit the places. I want to go to Puerto Galera and this is not so easy, the guidebook tells me something however, I need to find the bus station.

I guess I will walk out or could walk out of the front of the hotel here near the Pan Pacific Hotel in the Maleta area of Manila and say the name of the bus station.

How much does the taxi cost?

I do not know, I am thinking, I could write some hand held very small guidebooks very fast with the help of somebody.

What they miss out on is the idea of landmarks; the Pan Pacific Hotel is the landmark that will get you to the center of the backpackers in Manila.

I would suppose this street called Burgos is the center of Makati area of Manila.

You need the words �All taxis know.�

The big landmark and work you way from the landmark to the smaller place, the taxi driver can ask once he is in the right area. 80 percent of the planet is just take a taxi, in Europe is where life is hard. Can you imagine how hard it is to do all this by bus�? That is work or by train, or by some German Train where they just do not help you, and do not want to help you and every move is 20 dollars US or 20 Euros.

I am getting some clarity, maybe I can write a guidebook on the Philippines, on the other hand, that means I would have to travel around in the Philippines� A good idea, however I am a very slow traveler, I like to enjoy the day.

I almost have the formula figure out.

( I am blogging this by email to see how it works... more experimentation or playing around.)

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