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Makati Philippines

2005-10-26 17:25:00

I am in the Philippines or in the city of Manila.

There is an area of the city called Makati, I hope I spelled correctly, nonetheless I am always trying to figure out the fascination with modern parts of cities.

This is the modern or business section of the city as best I can tell, I believe in any large city they have a section the same as these types of areas. It is where they would have a Starbucks, the McDonalds and many of the Five Star Hotels. It is for a business person that really does not want to be here and for sure does not want to get dirty. Wants to live just like home and deserves to live just like home.

However what's the curiosity with these areas for tourist or travelers?

1. Do they want to be rich?
2. Do they want to do business in Manila?
3. Do they envy the people living in the Five Star?
4. Do they like to see the Architecture of the modern area?
5. Is Modern Architecture more interesting than Older types?
6. Is this where they feel safe?

Nonetheless, almost all travelers or tourist talk of these areas with some form of imagination in mind.

I notice this, because to me all modern areas of countries look exactly the same, very small differences and not of interest to me. However if I comment on anything bad about them it like saying "Princess Di" was just a girl, what's is the big deal?

There is this same type of fascination with Queens and Princesses.

I think people have many dreams or fantasies about being someone else.

I dream about Shakira, however I am thinking about something else, and do not want to live her life. In fact this is a big problem... hehehe