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Large Amounts of Money

2005-10-08 20:11:00

Large Amounts of Money
Sunday October 9, 2005, 4:48 AM

I am trying to imagine a billion dollars; I am trying to imagine 100 Million Dollars. It just hit me how this works.

I watch how the spent 100 Million Dollars to make a movie, or they are investing 10 Million in a project. I have never been able to see how they could spend that much money. I think the mountains of the world are moved by normal people pointed at a project and told to start working.

The problem is this, if I had 10 people working, how do I keep all of them working. I cannot, I must find people that keep working when nobody is watching, who enjoy moving or making progress. I must give them enough work to keep them busy for a long time, or they just spin into a day of just spinning around.

I think how this works is you ask a person to work on something; they put in the energy until it is done. If you feel they are not putting in the energy, you find someone new and stop them.