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India is Delusional on Internet Ability

2005-10-15 15:23:00

I just walked here to the 24 hour, laundry machine, coin operated internet cafe. They have they ingenious coin machines that use coins and turns off the Monitor when the time is up, a really great system of paying for the internet.

On the way I ran into a friend from India I met, trying to drag a girl from Canada home. We had this conversation about India Internet. The Internet in India is some of the worst on the planet, from all the junk machines to the just I do not care to help you problems. He kept telling me about all these great access points in Mumbai... They are believing what the press says, trust me the internet is terrible in India. I get knocked off when chatting with Andrew all the time for this reason.

The electricity goes off in the city.
Happens daily.

I am off to the Philippines where I think the techie situation could be much better than India, he was also asking me about their IT people.

I said,
"Well, you hope they would have some good ones, they have one billion people to pull from."

This is like having 10 times the brains of Germany, Germany has some brilliant IT people, and if they had 10 times the people, they would have 10 times the techies. India is only three times bigger than the USA.

It is ratio of brains per population, what is really good is they have the natural born brain power and aptitudes in this area, plus their culture encourages the studying of engineering. While the USA and Europe are all studying how to become liberals and save the planet, when they cannot save themselves. India is great, they all want to work... in the USA, there goes the brains, as always they breed them, we buy them.