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Great Advice on Factories in China

2005-10-18 01:17:00

I was jabbering away with this very well traveled Singapore woman on the Tiger Airways flight from Bangkok to Singapore. I started telling or asking about my backpack making project. I said I was going to South Korea or maybe Japan to look for some products, and she said,
"Why not China?"

Well, many people in the world China is the answer to all problem, however this is a huge country and not an easy country to just go visit. A good visit would take a year.

Well, I asked here,

She said

This is Chinese to me so she wrote it down.

It is just outside the Hong Kong territories, what a great place to have a Factory, you can send stuff across to Hong Kong and westernize the deal very fast. Hong Kong is the northern version of Singapore. Same Same but Different.

Never underestimate the value of jabbering or is this jabberwocky.

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