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Getting Lost in Singapore

2005-10-19 19:18:00

I went for a morning walk as is often my custom, Singapore is great place for this, I have to say this must be the dream location for an Architect. They can see so many type of building it is a wonder. I was told the other day that the Singapore government... I do not know this is true... owns 70 percent of all the buildings and that is why they are all so special and unique.

No doubt this city is a great skyscraper viewing city, one of the best.

I think though they have almost hidden the older interesting colonial building, I will keep walking though, there must be a more interesting historical area somewhere. I suppose I can also resort to reading the guidebook. Hard for me to get excited about Singapore, more of a good place to set an Asian Corporate Business Headquarters than a popular place for Backpacker. There are almost no tourist or backpacker presently so my guess is this is low on the list for most people. The problem is cost, people do this.

Laos 5 Dollars
Cambodia 5 Dollars
Thailand 5 Dollars
Malaysia 5 dollars for a ROOM

Singapore 20 Dollars for a room.

Indonesia 5 Dollars for a room.

All was U.S. Dollars not Singapore.

It is a skip...
El Salvador is skipped in Central America for only one reason, they charge 10 dollars or used to charge 10 dollars to enter or the tourist permission card.

Nonetheless, I got totally lost in Singapore, however I just followed a TALL building home.