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Coming Down

2005-10-08 20:09:00

Coming Down
Sunday October 9, 2005, 4:27 AM

I am coming down from different levels of learning. I am in a modern Hotel with CNN and one movie channel. CNN is a never-ending repetition of new about an Earthquake in Pakistan.

It may be possible to understand the whole planet; however, it will only be after my eyes are totally open.

Some girl I met a year ago in Bangkok saw me, came up, and wanted my opinion on Bangladesh. I told her I had only spent one night there; however, I could not see a problem. She was worried, because she listened to what she considered a good or trusted person telling her she would have danger there. I shook my head, almost disgusted in many ways with another person saying how dangerous a place is, or how the people will treat her badly.

I am tired of listening to people tell me how something is bad or catastrophe. The major problems on the planet will be solved by the person next to the problem picking up the pieces and cleaning up the place. I can help one person, However it still is very difficult to choose one person to help, I think the best a person can do is go somewhere and buy something.

Nonetheless, I am coming down from thinking too much and hope to focus some good energy towards something of value. I am not sure going to Niger or talking about Malnutrition is of value. In the end it seems that all people must save themselves, although some leaders do need removed from the planet like Sadaam Hussein.

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