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Clever Internet People

2005-10-04 22:28:00

I often think about why my web site does well...

Today I received an email from some website that was kissy, huggy, and complimentary. Now I am not sure what the site is up to however the reply address was back to me, they did not put in their own.

This is clever, intelligent, and smart.
However tricky, the person is trying to promote his web site by posting on other large sites. I do like personal messages, and I do encourage people to send me links to look at, it is always possible to learn.

However, Andrew and me discussed for hours how to stop the bad emails, bad links, nasty comments and people doing nefarious activities on the site.

The hard part and difficult make Andrew understand is that I want my mother to be able to post a site, make a comment on the blog, etc. The easy way to do this is to make a username, password, collect all sorts of information. I believe a person should be able to be anonymous, therefore I make it easy.

My web site is not easy to use, it is hard, however it is not tricky, there is no baiting and switching, comments that promote companies, just me enjoying my travels. Tricky and clever makes people not trust you. We will soon figure out ways to ban these people completely or filter them completely from the site. I do not want reviews from tricky and clever people, I want reviews from nice straight forward, help other people, types of people.

I am excited, the site is doing well enough now I can afford to pay to clean up my act and make it free of all them small annoyance, now I need the help to do this.