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Cell Phone Anywhere on Planet

2005-10-31 13:16:00

I have finally figured it out, I hope.

I want a phone that will work anywhere on the planet that there is a cell or repeater for cell signals.

The maximum is a four quad.
This means:

Anything less is not anywhere on the planet.
A person in an developing country will say yes anywhere because they can do it anywhere in their country. I ask this question all the time, I need to check.

I think this is the best phone possible to buy that I could use anywhere?

"Motorola V3 Razr GSM Quadband Unlocked Phone"

I believe I need to buy this telephone to use the absolute most places on the planet. NOTE: I know that satellite telephone will go anywhere, however that is not a CELL, it is the word. "Satellite."

When they get down to 300 dollars I will buy one, the BGAN Imarsat or something like that is a better worldwide access for satellite and only cost about 30o dollars I believe.

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