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Blog Log Journal or Diary

2005-10-06 20:57:00

Blog Log Journal or Diary
Thursday October 6, 2005, 5:29 PM

I am having many qualms about my online blog; I started this about two years ago, the newsletter started about six years ago. All in all I am wondering what I am doing. I have been able to look at other people blogs and I am not doing the same, theirs are different. I am not sure, I am not clear, I am not able to read blogs, I am for sure not able to read them RSS or XLM feeds. The best I can do is read newsletter and it seems like newsletters are on the way out, I am not sure. The world I would think is jumping the gun, the anti-spam world is creating a situation where people will do anything to avoid getting an email.

It appears that all the bloggers are using these blog systems to create web pages. A web page to me is different from a log, however the more I look at blogs the more I think, these are just web sites. The difference is that they post a new page daily or often, I was thinking this was a log of my work on something. I could blog on my endeavors or research on specific characteristics of development. I thought it was a collection of my thoughts, not a collection of well-written articles. I think they all want to be writers and the blog makes it easy for them to not take the scrutiny of being a real writer, or the let down when they do not succeed.

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