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Beaches near Clark Airport

2005-10-24 19:28:00

I am in Manila, my next flight leaves out of Clark Airport, it is about two hours north of Manila I guess more or less by bus. I am doing a lot of debating, maybe I will go to Boracay however there is a place many people mention called Puerto Guerrero, I do not have a guidebook and could not buy one in Bangkok. Strangely most of the travelers here or none I have seen have a guidebook either. There are not many travelers, mostly expats,

I am thinking it would be good to find a smaller less touristy beach close to Clark Airport or hopefully very close. Most of the discount or Low Cost Carriers seem to use Clark as their hub, I suppose the government forces them, nonetheless the Philippines is quickly becoming a base for me and could easily replace Bangkok because of the very good internet cafes that are open 24 hours in Manila.

Now if I could find one in Clark or near clark it would be good also, I am doing these great Google Alerts that I receive in my email box on subjects like "24 Hours" + "Internet Cafe" and does searches and sends me the pages to my box. I can then read or look at offline to see if I want to look at and then make a list of better links and be prepared when I go to the internet cafe.

On an either further thread of this idea or a chain of events, I am collecting idea and posting by email to many different blogs.

This is great way for me to do research and when I have time I will go to the pages in the blogs and "Save As" the page and read the better one, suss out the essentials and compile into a database. Hopefully I can snag some researchers to help from India or the Philippines.

I am collecting information on the words, Starvation, Malnutrition, and Famine for my research of the Niger problem, making good progress and now have a lot of Nutrition Calculators.

I do not know what I would do if I did not have projects when I traveled, most travelers seem to either steer toward drinking, drugs and / or dating the locals...

My collection of links on Malnutrition:

Nutrition Calculators

From Robert of

Software: Nutrition Calculating Software (Bill)