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Bangkok Hotel Problems

2005-10-05 23:27:00

Bangkok Hotel Problems
Thursday October 6, 2005, 11:41 AM

I am moving Hotels today; the reason is that I have a Thailand Girl that I have known for a couple of years coming to visit. This is a strange problem, however here goes, the problem is they will not allow Thailand Girls into the nicer Hotels in the Khao San Road area. What makes the problem worst is when she has come to visit in the past; they also treat her like a Prostitute. I do not speak Thai well enough to know what they say or how they treat her, however for sure there is a shortage of Hotel for nice Thailand girls.

The situation is this, 99 percent of the Thailand girls that have boyfriends with Travelers or Foreigners are prostitutes and will tolerate about any type of treatment. However, she is a nice girl, comes from a good family, a rich Thai girl who met me a nice person. Well, this is getting to be annoying, I need to find an easier solution, as of now, I only have one Hotel in the Khao San Road area that she will enter. I could go to the Sukumvit Area of Thailand and I think they would treat the girls nicer, however if I go and live in the Sukumvit area, then she will not talk to me. This is like the old man area for where you pay a lot and meet Thai girls. Khao San is more about young hippie, drug users, and party animals; however, the Thai girls that hang out in the Khao San road are working.

What is amazing to me it that many prostitutes find men who never know they are prostitutes. The man just is very generous and in the end, the girl makes the same as if she was get straight cash. Too much money given for Taxi, five, ten U.S. Dollars here and there, a gift, some clothes, and a lot of benefits. A free room, it goes on an on. A man goes into a bar, gets a girl drunk and the girl works him, she hopes he fall is love, and the money better keep coming.

She is studying on her masters in Pharmacology and when I met her, she worked as a Pharmacist in a Hospital in a small Thailand City.