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Andy Blogging by E-mail

2005-10-27 16:24:00

I am terribly confused someday, trying to figure out the best path to accomplish two goals.

1. Travel and enjoy life.

2. Make enough money with my internet pages to travel.

I am grateful I have a project to work on as I travel because I know that a long-term traveler without something to keep their brain busy is not a good idea. They tend to go crazy, not to say that I am not crazy however I believe for the length of time I have been living outside a normal routine of norms and common values systems, I believe I am closer to normal than most. Long-term travel is not good for the brain and in reality most people who say the have traveled for a long time, do not travel. They more or less live in various locations outside the country. I would say after two months in one location you are starting or I would be starting to live in this location.

However this blogging by email is one solution to a complicated problem, however for sure it is not a perfect solution. There is a big problem of telling my story, it a "TIMELINE" problem. There is time...

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? - Problems and Solutions - Define and Explain.

Time goes linear or along a straight line.
What I can do goes along a jagged path.

I can type on a computer now, walk into a computer cafe and type and publish.
The typing I am doing now would publish after the information I published inside the internet cafe.

This means the timeline is broken, the sequence of time is confused for a reader and for me.

I know... always do the same way... too simplified, not a real life decision, I am trying to write down the Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? - Problems and Solutions - Define and Explain of my travels. This is real, not a staged performance, I am doing this now, I will not have the next moment.

I have realized though that a problem for me is bloggers are not writing logs of their experience or journalizing as I would think of this, they are only utilizing a very easy way of making webpages to make wheyfaces. When I saw that in some blog systems you can categorize the type of post, I went.. oops, they are making a web site and this is the navigation. If they knew how to do the web site they could skip all this blog stuff. However then of course a blogger.com type system makes it simple.

Oh well, I am hoping to blog by email more and stop having to cut and paste blogs.

I am very happy with my concepts of:

Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? - Problems and Solutions - Define and Explain

These words or this compilation of words is creating a way for me to comprehensively remember what to do.

( I cannot get this email jobby to stay on Arial Font!)

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