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Members Fly to Europe for $150 Dollars Blocked in Niger

2005-09-05 07:31:00

What a drag, I think the new host I am testing has blocked in Niger.


The block themselves also

So I am sitting here in Niger for the last couple of day trying to figure out why is down

This is why I am testing this company, they do not understand that I purchased service have my site hosted and allow the world to access the site.

The problem is not so much Niger, the problem is I do not know what other things they are going to pop up with, very annoying about hosting companies. I suppose I need to change hoste and get rid of as one my new host.

It is to me unethical to so this without having big sign offs on many places to let a person know they are not serving the site.

I hope I am wrong, however I am 99 percent sure.