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When is the Sunset or Sunrise

2005-09-24 20:07:00

When is the Sunset or Sunrise

I posted a question on a good questions page.

I received some really good answers and now have paid 5 dollars, a reader also posted a very good answer, this worked pretty good, I think I can do some real research, just a little slow.

I posted this on a Geography Page on


Sunset - Click on Almanac and it will tell you when the sun is going to set for your present location.
Time and Dates around the World

"Sunrise/Sunset Calculator"
NOAA Surface Radiation Research Branch

"Compute Sunrise/sunset by latitude, longitude"
Live Weather Images

"Sun or Moon Rise/Set Table for One Year"
Astronomical Applications Department of the U.S. Naval Observatory

"Online-Photoperiod Calculator V 1.94," by J. Lammi (last modified on
November 22, 2001)
Jarmo Lammi

You can also use these resources to see a view of the Earth and what
parts or in day or night:

I am going to try to post Nutrition questions about Niger.

When is the Sunset or Sunrise