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Three Baguette Day

2005-09-10 02:54:00

Three Baguette Day
Saturday September 10, 2005 7:08 AM

Yesterday was a - Three Baguette Day - for me, this was a good day for food for me, I was happy.

Photo of me purchasing three Baguettes to share two with My Niger friends in the course of the day I returned to this man to purchase two more Baguettes to eat yesterday the 9th of September.

I laugh about the buzz words of those fashionable words of saying,
- Think outside the box -

I was thinking to myself,
- Andy, you have to see yourself in the box -

The world is a fun place, the life is good.
I receive many emails and have these elongated conversations with many people on the planet, this is done by emails, to say the least it very difficult to remember what they said last time, and to keep the conversations rolling.

I went yesterday to the - Doctors without Borders - office of the
- Medecins Sans Frontieres -

I spoke with Doctor Ahmed Zouiten the Medical Coordinator for the Switzerland Branch of - Doctors Without Borders - .

He is a many about 25-35 and I forgot to ask, most of the Doctors look maybe under 30 and nothing better in life for me than to meet some intelligent girls on the other side of the planet as half are girls talking with a French accent, not a bad experience.

However Doctor Ahmed Zouiten is a good guy, smart and probably explained to another level the problem here in Niger, I am not going to go into that specifically because of our conversation and the pure dysfunctional desire of the world to jump and utilize every word a person says in a bad way.

However, I will say this, the people of Niger are not eating correctly and this is causing some to die, I will try to write a newsletter today, I hope, trying to compile in one location all the proper terms, words and concepts.

So what is funny to me?

I ate only three Baguettes yesterday and I was very happy, I had a pretty good food day for me in this country as I got to eat what I wanted to eat. However, think about it…

Thinking, thinking, thinking!

OK, three Baguettes is not a balance diet full of all the daily recommended food groups, for those in Indiana that do not use the word - Baguette -.

I am from the State of Indiana, from the Country of the United States of America and I live close to Chicago, I am not from Chicago and I really hate to say I am close to Chicago; I am from Indiana a small rural farm area on the other side of the planet.

However, I do not think my Mother or Father would say the word - Baguette - in a conversation and may not be clear on what a - Baguette - is, or even more, I am sure my Father could care less, unless you gave him one with some Bologna inside.

My Father is a Bologna Man, I am a Peanut Butter Man, I am my Fathers son and very proud to be so, I am 80 percent the same Man, however I am also my Mother Son, and I am 80 percent the same person, not a woman. I am culturally their progeny.

Now I will go look up the word - Progeny - to be sure I used the correct word because I am not positive.


1. offspring of organism: an offspring of a person, animal, or plant.

2. something resulting: something that develops or results from something else.

Blame my writing skills on them… hehehe or the ability to say or explain the word as I do, I am the product of there great works, and I am forever grateful to the good Gods for this.

So I went to this porch, sat around for a half hour took up Doctor Ahmed Zouiten time and he drew a graph on a piece of paper explaining the problem.

However here I am eating three Baguettes yesterday and if I did the same, I would or could develop some of the same problems as these children or people in Niger. I am not eating properly and I do worry about it, however not easy when you cannot just walk into a grocery store and buy a variety of foods. I believe the problem in Niger is they do not have the normal set of products being sold to them and even if they did, they do not have enough money to pay for them, so this is a long-term problem and will never go away unless they make more money so they become a group of people who want to buy Vegetables, Fruits and other foods in enough quantity to sell here and make money.

There is a need for food here; however, there is not a way to sell it to them because they do not have the money, so there is no market. You may be able to bring fruit, vegetables here, however nobody would buy them because the cost would be too high, or too inconvenient to purchase.
Therefore, for me yesterday it was very inconvenient and uncomfortable for me to ride around on a moto or motorcycle looking for food, so I ate three Baguettes and did not care

A Baguette is a long white bread cooked in a long stick, seems to be made of white wheat flour, however I did not see them make it, so who knows, I am happy because I like bread, however it is not really very healthy and lacks in many vitamins and proteins, etc.

I am trying to say about the inside the box and outside the box thinking that person also need to introspect enough to see yourself of myself inside the box. Here I am thinking they are not eating properly and making all these type of opinions and I am not capable of eating properly because of time, there is not enough time or it is too difficult so I do not eat the correct foods. This is temporary with me, however for the people of Niger and let me say, this is at least 25 to 50 major nations of the planet and the Islands of the world are probably worst, I am very much annoyed when people want to say only - Niger - I have seen many places where there are no NGOs, because it would take many days of hard travel to go there.

I keep trying to check my travel route out of the country; I have to daily check the distances to make sure I do not forget to allow enough time to go by bus to Niamey. I have already realized I am screwing up a little, I cannot leave from Zinder until Monday the 12 of September, I will go to Agadez in the North of Niger on this date or on Monday and then as soon as I enter Agadez, I think I must purchase a Ticket to Niamey so I can fly to Cairo, I have no time for Tahoua in the middle of the country close to a target village of Keita, I must maybe only go to Zermou about 20-25 miles East of Zinder on Sunday if I can figure out transportation to the Village. It is a push to figure out a way to travel to Zermou; this is where experience speeds up the trip. I know what works and does not work, and can do quickly. Moreover, I am not allowing anyone to put me inside a - Western Culture Box - or at least not too much. I will just stop into the village and nose around if I can find the way, I think another friend with a difficult name to spell and pronounce will take me on his new motorcycle if I pay for the gas or pay too much for the gas. There is an interesting ability to pay too much for something and it is not paying them, however they have extra money in their pockets so they are happy.

He says his Motorcycle cost 300,000 Niger Francs to purchase, I have no idea how he would collect in one spot this much money, I think people are extending credit here to buy motorcycles, hard to believe there is this many motorcycles and everyone would save up and pay cash, not the normal way this happens.

I need to stop typing, I need to go and try to arrange the trip to Zermou.

Note that the world Anglosizes the names of village or cities, these are the Hausa or are named in the local tribes or peoples names and then they translate into French or some other language to make the map, this type of naming is fraught with problems.

I cannot find Moageri Maman Rabiou, he is the guy with the Motorcycle and maybe would drive with me and explain while in Zermou if I can make there. Babanguida the Son of the owner of the home I am living inside if is still sleeping, I think they stay up very late talking, or maybe watching television as I followed them to a TV last night where they watching cartoons. This is very low on the television count, I would guess in Zinder only about one in 100 homes may have a TV, so there is sharing among groups of people.