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Thinking too much about Niger

2005-09-17 08:14:00

I touched a sweet spot in my friends brain today and she got mad, strangely I said the cattle or Steers in the USA were of better quality than the range fed beef of Niger.

Nonetheless she was very angry, however the bottom line is I think there was an underlying problem that she is dealing, the essential question I am asking.

Should the NGOs and Development countries be in the country, are they doing anything? I think she is mad because I am questioning the value of her work, however worst, she is questioning the value.

There are many NGOs that have been here for over 10 years and some I have heard as high as 15, I am sure there is more accurate data, however I cannot be bothered, they are everywhere and this problem is an old problem. They do not look like they will ever leave to me.

It may be the greatest source of non-farm jobs in the country, working for an NGO or Development Company.

I have a guy who posted on my blog and I wrote, he is very clear on some issues and probably writes more clear than me. I am not sure he read between the lines totally correct, however he is on the right path, therefore ok with me on his interpretations of my writing. I wish I was clear, then I could say if he was right or wrong.

I am 85 percent in favor of all the NGOs leaving and 15 percent for them staying, today, Septemeber 17, 2005.

However it could change, I did learn a big reason yesterday why the do not grow vegetables, these are Cattle men, it is not in their social status or it is like asking a Cattle man from Texas to grow Cucumbers, he is not going to like the idea.

All ideas have merit, some more than others.

Pelle is part of the solution, I suppose he is a person I would want in a think tank problem solving task force... hehehe

This guy is not happy with the NGOs either.

I am still waiting, day 16 of being in Niger and I am not sure what type of veggies and fruit they need to eat in Niger to be healthy. Plus of course we need a list that will grow in Niger.

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