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A Think Tank is Needed

2005-09-13 11:28:00

A Think Tank is Needed
1:33 PM Tuesday September 13, 2005

I just took a tour for 5000 Niger Francs of the Tuareg Community or Homes here in Agadez, Niger. The construction of the domed house is similar to the ones in Mongolia, and sort of typically Nomadic.

When I was walking around looking at the dome semi-permanent type tents or huts I saw some mosquito nets, however only in about one in 20 of the beds I saw, that it not to say there is not a higher or lower percentage.

However the common thread or idea here is that a child under five is weak, then fall to something like Malaria, a Virus, or some type of disease or infection and although the Mal-Nutrition, Mal-Nourishment did not kill the child they died by a secondary and not necessary way of death like Malaria.

A Mosquito net cost about 2-5 dollars according to the country, I do not know how much one cost here, however I hope to go now and find out as just a test, the prices here are inflated due to a tourist inflation.

However it seems that a Think Tank type atmosphere could be produced whereby a problem could be posed, this would be easy on


How to convince people to use mosquito nets in Niger?

I suppose there could be an offer of cash for the best solutions that work and can be implemented.

I think there is a problem also in the types of beds the Nomadic type people use, it is a different and the bottom of the bed is not real good for this, I am not sure what design would be best.