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Quasi Intellectual Science Dribble

2005-09-23 22:36:00

I receive many letters where people tell me facts.

I normally delete, not really, I want to delete them.

I will tell you the fact, I never delete, except for obvious spam, I keep every email written to the best of my ability, I have an archive of old emails.

I want to know if some people write me more than two times, I qualify the level of contacts, one time, two times, or regulars. Write now Boy Genius is creating a contact form where I can create a sequence of all the emails in a chronological history so I can sit and read every correspondence I ever had with a person in a long string. This helps me to remember who is who and makes sure it is more personal as I do not accidentally mix up what I have written.

Back to the facts:

When a person writes me I look for one of three qualifications of their statements.

1. I was in this country and seen this.

2. I read this information in this source, and they tell me the source.

3. It is my opinion, or I even accept, it is the opinion of man people.

If one of these qualifiers is not present then I think they are appointing themselves as an all know God, Omnipotent, Omniscience and able to speak from totally fact. No sense of humility, not capability to learn, not open to learning.

For those idiots of the world that cannot see how often I qualify my comments, please now go to the top of the page you are on and read this statement:

"I have traveled the planet for 8 years over 50 countries. These are opinions of Andy of, I am not a Journalist. This a record of my opinions as I look and I feel my world. Life is Good, Thank you, Andy the"

I laugh because I am becoming almost positive I collaborate or justify opinions by taking photos and collecting inductive, NOT deductive information on a country better than Journalist. The create a topic and go collect some justification of their topic.

I enter a country try to stop thinking, do not read about it, and try to observe what I am seeing, I will blog next with an example of me trying to learn about what I see as I have found a food plant that I think they ate in Zermou or near Zermoun- Zinder in a farm or cattle village of Niger.