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Photos of Power and Respect of Niger

2005-09-15 04:45:00

Photos of Power and Respect of Niger
September 13, 2005 5:00 PM

This young man in Zinder would walk by, raise his fist, and point at me, at first, it gave me the willies, and then Rabi explained, this is a sign of respect. He pointed the fist above his head, and sometimes he held his to hands together interlocked, saying friends. Obviously, he is in western clothes and could be a person on the streets of Los Angeles; however, this man is in Zinder, Niger. Sometimes it is hard to remember how respect and a friendly smile works.

This is a typical field in the lower half of Niger that grows food adequately, they have Millet with either Peanuts or Beans growing mixed inside the Millet.

Rabi said to me, this girl wants you to take her to America with you, not a bad thought.

She was carrying this on her head, this is a mix of I believe a Millet type cake substance with beans mixed inside, it is a very typical type meal in the Villages between Zermou and Zinder Niger.

The little cuts on her cheeks are part of the Hausa Tribe traditions, however not all have them and there is also this type of cut from the Nigeria country, very complicated to figure out the various cuts.

This old woman was standing in a doorway in a small village between Zinder and Zermou; she gave me the respect sign.

The path to Zermou was a big rut, one time I just bent over and thought; sometimes Niger is in a rut and does not know how to get out of the rut.

This is some type of food I encountered one time in Niger on the path between Zinder and Zermou. I do not know what it is.

This girl was great; she would jump up and then pushes down on the water handle. The one spokesperson for this village forced me to walk over to this pump and he proceeded to help me wipe off the dirt from my shoes. Rabi gave me the look; you must respect him and allow him to clean the mud off your shoes.

At this village, we ate this bowl of Yogurt or some lightly curded milk substance, it was good, and however I would like it cold.

Cute girl with grass in hands.

Rabi would say, natural beauty of Niger, I think he has read about the fake girl parts of the USA.

I photographed this little boy as he slept, or maybe girl, however it was the waistband I was noticing, there is a similar type waistband on the Hindu people of India or a band. I was told it was for diarrhea; however, I do not think so, maybe.

The natural beauty of Niger for sure, the children.

A cute little girl in the Village of Zermou, when we were there on September 11th there had been taken 47 children to Zinder for the Nutrition center; they said when it reached 60 there would be a center there. The doctor said there were 5000 people in Zermou, I think he put an extra 0, however this is his number. I was trying to learn the percentage of children with Mal-Nutrition.

Islamic dressed men giving me the sign of respect outside the village of Zermou as we left and drove the motorcycles in the dark 40 kilometers to Zinder.

Babanguida or Babaye has a leather Tanning business in Zinder, I see this as a great industry for Niger, as they have many cattle, and this is a goat.

On the bus from Zinder to Agadez, the mother gave this special fruit drink to the young girl.

We had to get out and walk when there were too very overloaded trucks stuck in the soft sand in the road between Zinder and Agadez, Niger.

I think some of the richer girls put henna on their hand or draw, also like India.

I love this cheese, a Tuareg or Nomad like cheese or Fromage; it is hard, you can store it, cost about 50 cents U.S. per piece and probably has a good amount of protein.

In Agadez they sell these bottle carriers or wrapped plastic bottles, I am not sure where they want to keep them cool or they want the extra handles.

This is I believe a goatskin that is used by the Nomadic people or the Tuareg people to carry water with the Camel in a Caravan.

The woman giving me respect, she is weaving a part for the top of the tent.

The plant thorns around the perimeter of the domed huts to protect them from bandits.

Well, when typical or Nomad clothes cannot be found, there are some pretty Niger girls in more modern dress.

This is a Sahara Desert Nomadic Dome hut, there can roll back the side to allow air to flow through, they are semi-permanent, however can be torn down and reconstructed quickly.