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Photos of Niger Typical Foods

2005-09-26 02:50:00

Photos of Niger Typical Foods
11:06 Monday September 26, 2005

I am very proud of this collection of photos of Niger food, it maybe the first time I have every collected a very comprehensive photo collection of foods for a country. Normally I take photos of anything and everything, however I have no way to know what I should have focused on until after I left or am leaving the country. After I have left, read more, thought more then I can see the common elements of think of the common elements. Since early in the travels I was told about the Food Crisis or more accurately by Doctor Ahmed of the Doctors without Borders defined the Niger problem as an - Epidemic of Mal-Nutrition -.

This is the basic foods eaten in Niger, please look at any vegetable or fruits and view it as a possible food for them and not a food that is eaten in abundance, the Cow, Goat and Millet, Peanuts and maybe Beans are eaten in Abundance. I cannot remember if this includes cow, however there are cows everywhere in Niger.

If a person analyzed the foods here for nutritional values, they could then deduce the nutrients they are eating, and therefore come up with a list of foods needed to be grown to help solve this Mal-Nutrition problem in Niger.

My feeling is these are the foods they could grow more of that are not grown in abundance, however would grow in Niger easily.

These are not in these photos, however should be more of even if I have shown a couple of time:


1. Lemons
2. Tomatoes
3. Peppers
4. Pomegranates
5. Mangos - Very needed.
6. Bananas - This should be number one on the list.
7. Cucumbers - This is a very easy and NEEDED.
8. Okra
9. Oranges
10. Potatoes - More of them.
11. Rice - I saw none being grown.
12. Corn - The grow, however it should be half of the Millet.
13. Wheat should also be involved more and less Millet.
14. Yams, they have however too few.
15. Olives - Easy
16. Dates
17. Watermelons
18. Melons, Squash, Muskmelons.
19. Grapes
20. Grapes made in Sultanas or Raisins

This list above is normal foods I see in dry or arid places on the planet and are very scarce in Niger. I would put the apple on the list, I however am not sure if it will grow in these areas. However if it will, then add the apple.

Niger Food Beef Brochettes Locust Grasshopper or Crickets Millet

Niger Food Beans Okra Pomegranates Yogurt Chicken Potatoes

Niger Food Special Juice Drink Fromage Dried Cheese

Niger Food Dates Tobacco Cucumber

Niger Food Tomatoes Grains Peppers Beignets Water Yogurt Goat

Niger Food Peanuts Onions Beef Jerky or Goat Jerky Salt Rice Millet Sorghum

Niger Food Tea Sesame Baguette Chi

I want to put this up and complete this before I am too far away from Niger and my focus changes, it is very hard to remember and prioritize when you are out of the mainstream problem areas.

However to me these photos above need analyzed by a professional nutrition scientist, then taken to an Agriculture department and create a list of foods that can be grown in Niger, then signs need made in there language, French, Hausa, Arabic of the names of these foods. Told in clear language, these foods need to be grown or your children will die. Put on signs and on the radio in Niger.

On the funny side, to get me to eat most of these would be like pulling teeth, I do not eat properly, however after Niger, I am doing 50 percent better. Surprising how a person can be scared into eating his vegetables and fruits. In Indian terms I am meat and potatoes man.