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Organizational Frustrations

2005-09-15 05:34:00

Organizational Frustrations
2:36 PM Thursday September 15, 2005

I am in Niamey; I have a three to four day window of time where my world is going to be calm. I am vowing to myself to leave my camera in the room so I do not take photos and make more work for myself. Every photo I takes creates more work, because for you to understand the photos I need to place a caption below the photo.

Contrary to what you may think or believe or misjudge, for every photo taken and places on the blog about 10 more or different ones are placed in the newsletter photo galleries, therefore if you are looking for photos the blog is the wrong place to see many photos, you need to read the newsletters or at least click on the photos.

I just noticed or trying to reread a page a blog, I wrote about cultural testing I have discovered that there is part of another post accidentally within the post. I have somehow copied and pasted them together…. Mistakes.

I am sometimes only having the ability to cut, paste, and publish the blog; I do not have time to sit around reading. I sometime am worried that some part of the Internet connection is going to break before I can publish, so there is a need for speed, that is converse to quality. I have a choice, I must clean house and prepare for my next pages of journal entries.

Constantly I am saying to myself, write about what you are thinking in your own mind and never remember that someone else could be reading. I keep hoping that more intellectual people will read the blog and post comments that help me to learn. There is a macho world out there that says to open you mind, to keep the door open to learn, to admit that you do not know everything already is to say or admit you are stupid. I am many times annoyed by emails that go on and on telling me how to do something they are too afraid to do or too ignorant to do, like somehow the person knows how to do what the person that is doing it does not. How can a person that is not doing something know more than a person that is doing something? You cannot read yourself into knowing more than the person doing something.

I guess if I want the right to be an expert on Iraq, I need to go to Iraq.

I guess if I want the right to en an expert on Niger, I need to go to Niger.

I guess if I want to even be a player in the world of knowledge, I have to enter the game. I go places now so I will know; I just want my foot on first base so I know I have a right to be a player. The right to talk, to say, to claim knowledge is a difficult proposition. I am sometimes thinking that everything written about Niger is written outside the country by people that have never been in the country. This is a travesty of sorts, a way of writing that makes it impossible to prove or disprove you writing. Take a subject that nobody can go and disprove or approve without being there.

BBC can make Headline News, the world can view, and who can prove they are just plane jerks, making up some great headlines to appear like they know. I am under the impression they no longer care about the truth, the great headline is all they want.

Is there a way to bring back or create persons with the ability to write honestly or is the desire for more money the only desire in the world?

I cannot stay organized, however I know I am better and create more than 99 percent of people. I however have a battle with myself to win, Andy get more organized.

Then again, I earn the same, more or less, who cares…

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