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One Possible Mal-Nutrition Food for Niger

2005-09-23 23:13:00

I am in Jerusalem, Israel, I discovered a type of food being sold at the bottom of the Faisal Hostel steps or at the entrance. I picked it up and looked at it, thought that looks like the same food they were eating in a small village between Zinder and Zermou, Niger

These are two photos I took in the village.

Note, I only saw this twice in Niger, and they may have it everywhere, however my opinion is no they do not grow it everywhere. I do not know what it is, I think the man here in Israel said,

Balmia and this is maybe Arabic.

Lady in a village between Zinder and Zermou, Niger.

Photo of the food item she was cutting up in Niger.

Next photos taken at the entrance of the Faisal Hostel in Jerusalem, Israel.

The whole view.

End view

Sliced open, the man said, Balmia, I have yet to track down a name in English and I am not sure I understood the vender correctly.

I am trying to learn the foods that are needed to be grown in Niger to stop the Mal-Nutrition problem in the country. I need to know what will grow in Niger, what they need to grow, I have written Ahmed from Doctors with Borders, and I have written Tristan from World Vision a New Zealand - Switzerland man I met in Maradi. I am hoping they write me, I am on email number two with Tristan.

This food may give some of the needed nutrients and maybe all is needed for some of them is an encouragement to eat them.

What is this, a grape, never seen any in Niger, but after you see some children very sick from Mal-Nutrition, I Andy the Hobo have been eating a lot better, this scared me, I am going to pay a lot more money for food now and try to eat a more balanced diet. It scared me, I am not a person that eats a lot of variety.