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Nutrition Calculators Wanted

2005-09-26 03:59:00

Some of you know I posted a five dollar question on Google Answers, I am posting another, note if you wish paid, I suppose you just go there and answer with a good answer!

Three Nutrition Calculators Links Wanted
I went to the country of Niger, they are having an Epidemic of
Mal-Nutrition. I have taken photos of all the foods they eat, I need
an online internet page that I can load in the foods to decide what
foods they need to grow to be safe. I am world traveler.
I would like three URL or Links to webpage that are nutrition calculators.

It would be really great if I could type in all the foods and the
quantities, then it would say the totals and how they fit in with RDA
Recommended Daily Allowances. Applied to the foods on this link.