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North Korea Visa For Americans

2005-09-21 22:13:00

I just received and email from the something I joined on the page of the Most Traveled Man, this is Charles.

I had to sign up and get a username - password to receive his emails.

However informative for the serious traveler in a way.


Only twice in the last 13 years have American tourists been able to obtain a visa to visit North Korea (And by "visit," I don't mean the Mount Kumgang Tour. I mean flying to Pyongyang, visiting Kaesan, and touring the DMZ from the "other side"). But the third time could be lucky for you. The DPRK government has just today authorized tourist visas for Americans - but only for the next few weeks.

If you are an American interested in visiting North Korea, I advise contacting either Koryo Tours ( or Universal Travel System (, while they both have tour spots available. Your next chance could be many years away.


P.S. I have been waiting for this opportunity for many years, and will be flying to Pyongyang with Koryo Tours on October 1.

Links that work, I hope, I am on Windows 98...aagh

I need to know the price, I will be in this area in four weeks, it is possible for me.