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Niger Solutions

2005-09-13 11:26:00

Niger Solutions
September 13, 2005 7:30 AM Tuesday

This culture is making the transition from a tribal farming and herding culture to a city industrial culture. However there is no clear way of making money except for providing services to the NGOs and the Government Agencies.

There is a need for some mass employment because the subsistent farming is not needed and the people go to the cities looking for, I wanted to say jobs, I think they go to the city to look for fun. They want a more interesting life with MTV, Television and groups of people to talk with, plus the fashions. Everyone is buying a motorcycle or cell telephone in the city, it is full of consumer type items. To buy a motorcycle is the dream of almost everyone it appears. Having a cell telephone is more fashion then a need in this country, I can take a Moto Taxi across the city for 100 Francs to talk with the person.

Leather Tanneries
Silver Jewelry

Entrepreneur do not need money, then need a product and a market, then they will find the money.