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Niger Compared to Egypt

2005-09-21 09:34:00

Niger Compared to Egypt
4:38 PM Wednesday September 22, 2005

This is a photo taken in front of my Hotel in Cairo, Egypt.

I never seen only a couple of newspapers in Niger.

This rather stunned me when I saw the quantity of newspapers, magazines and books unavailable. Egypt has the same types of problems as Niger I am sure, there are just too many people living in Cairo.

However, with all the social ills of the world at least in Cairo there is a chance that the public would know there is a problem. There are newspapers, television, and radio enough to cover the nation.

Startling to me sometimes is the lack of desire of the world to learn, the real learning happens in the English Language. This is the Language of people that study the planet. Egypt is an Ex-Colony of England; therefore, there is a huge jump ahead of the Ex-French Colony of Niger.

It almost appears that the grouping of lowest educated people on the planet came from what I think they call the Francophone world of Africa, hard to see, however there is what they call the Francophone and the Anglophone people. World that are evolving around a second language as adopted by the colonization process.

I was and am always a little frustrated with what Spain did to Mexico, Central and South America; however, all of these people are evolving educationally very fast, however they are in some way a greater disadvantage than Central and West Africa. Farming on the sides of mountains is not easy, and the Amazon River Basin or the Flood Plain is terrible place for people.

However, the inability to enter the modern world because your second language is French is a sad reason. There is this hooked at the hip connection between France and many of the very strapped countries of Africa. There are also areas that speak English, I am going to try to separate and see if there is a correlation between the languages and the levels of poverty.

Education is needed for people to transform a difficult place into a better place, the Israeli people have taken much of Israel, that is a horrible place to farm and live and created many types of businesses, industry and farming techniques that are evolutionary. While their neighbors have mal-nutrition from inability to create good sources of food. Now it is much easier to feed 7 to 9 million people than it is to feed the 200 to 300 million Middle East countries that surround Israel.