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Niamey to Maradi Niger Bus Trip

2005-09-05 12:36:00

Niamey to Maradi Niger Bus Trip

Two very happy beggars outside the windows of the bus, I gave them coins, as no legs is way to get me to give money in the missing a member requirement is reached. I also am in the bus and we will leave, so these two cannot make me a mark.

What is this?
The boy next to me called it - MIL- Maybe a French word, maybe an Arabic word, however it looks like corn, could be sugar cane, however not thick like I normally see sugar cane. I am not sure.

This some form of nasty tasting nut or crunchy thing, what is it? I am not sure, however for sure it is bitter tasting.

Bob - his name is something I cannot pronounce said this is a place where they store the - Mil -.

Look close, I think this is sheep, as told to me by Bob, I have not seen one sheep and I think he means it is a goat. He did not say sheep, he just baa or baah like a sheep and I said sheep and he agreed. I think we have a hand language problem. I am pretty sure this is a goat. I suppose they leave the tail on this so you can be sure it is not a rat.

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