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Niamey Niger Checklist

2005-09-05 07:28:00

Niamey Niger Checklist
Monday, September 5, 2005 1:01 PM

I am going down a checklist to be ready to leave for Maradi tomorrow by bus.

I have returned from a great walk from the SNTV bus station back to the Hotel Gawaye. I would say this Hotel is maybe the center of the Universe for Niamey, you can go both directions pretty easy by taxi from this location. It is right at the John F. Kennedy bridge. When you hail a taxi in Niamey you are going to share it unless you want to pay extreme tourist fare, and miss out on some great cultural moments. I have met most Niger people inside the taxi so now I am getting to like the Taxi. I do not negotiate inside the city, I just pay them 300 what not money and they always seem happy.

Maradi Bus Ticket
I went to the SNTV bus station and purchased a ticket for 9600 Niger Francs to Maradi, it will leave very early tomorrow morning and the man said it would arrive around 1:00 PM, this would be great if anything close to reality and he understood and answered correct in English.

Oh, well, I am going to be in Maradi tomorrow night so all is great, I think the bus should be a hoot, I looked at one on the way out and reminds me of Guatemala and the Chicken Buses.

I tried my best to pay a lot and take a - Bus Climatise - and not the Non Bus Climatise - however I did it, he keep saying there is no Air Conditioned Bus, maybe on Tuesday there is not and other day it is not, I still do not have a French English dictionary and I could not figure out the days of the week in French so I am on a bus tomorrow.

This is some bus they were loading up about midday, I am hoping I get a better model.

This is one of three Niger buddies of mine, they sit down on the corners of my street, they watch cows as they at the road side grass, and are very funny. I took their picture and am sharing my cookies.

Coming on the back trying to capture the babies face, it was a precious photos however not a close up.. Too bad.

These two girls were walking in front of me on the say out of the bus stop, they gave me no notice, however of course when I passed them I said,
- Hello girls -

They started jabbering and talking and saying a lot them, however who know what they were talking about, they was doing that quick talk not caring if you listen, trying to make sure everyone hears, a cultural way of talking in some parts of the USA and the world… hehehe

Good photo being I did not point at the food, taking photos is difficult and people are almost silly about this.

This is some unknown vegetable I think probably the same as South America, however presently the name evades me.

Checklist - World Vision
I went to the office of World Vision and had to talk real hard to get through the gate, and then proceeded to be ignored by the receptionist for 20 minutes while I waited for someone to come out and talk to me.

I finally realized from a cultural aspect they would be more than happy to have me sit there all day so I left, I will go back I hope so I can snag an American if they exist there. I saw maybe 20 Niger people coming and going and the place is packed.

However no presence of the good ole USA there, maybe it is not a USA organization, I am not sure, just out and about trying to figure out the lay of NGO land.

For the most part I have not seen many White people, or Western People, they must be hiding, who knows, I have to very careful taking photos of the decals on the side of the SUV or Big Toyota Land Cruiser as normally the driver is from Niger or at least they look African or something.
( a.k.a. They are black people with traditional type clothes. )

Ok, life is good here, I am having fun taking taxis and talking with the locals in the taxis. I hate to think how hot it is, must be over 100 today, I am not sure, however I am drenching a couple shirts per day and could do more if I would keep one on while I am in the room.

I need to find a Hotel in Maradi, I am hoping to do better in a smaller city with the NGOs in my quest to figure out where people are having a food Crisis, it for sure is a well kept secret from me.

Do not think for one second I am shy, that is the last thing I am, I am a type A, overly aggressive American that understand I must be patient and extremely repetitive with going through bureaucracies of NGOs and such. I am just sad because I think they do not realize that the culture we are in created the problem, and the culture we are in does not want to tell the world, we have goofed up, so it very dysfunctional to believe that a dysfunctional situation can solve a dysfunctional situation.

Kind of seem like the Fox is has set up a management system on the Chickens. However SAP - Standard Operating Procedure for NGOs and the reason I try to avoid them, like watching city kids trying to keep clean in the barn yard.

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