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NGO in Maradi Niger

2005-09-08 12:45:00

NGO in Maradi Niger
4:14 AM September 8, 2005 Thursday Maradi Niger

I met one of four white people working for World Vision in Niger. This is a NGO (Non Governmental Organization) that… oops.
FULL STOP as the Brits say.

Ahimsa = Non-Injury

This is a Sanskrit word that in my interpretation means,

“First, do not harm.”

I do not want to harm any of the organizations in Niger or the country of Niger, I want only to help to find a solution to the problem that children below the age of five die.

I know right now I want to avoid thinking about this, I do not want to dwell, think, or try to understand this situation, I want to just do my normal looking around, have some fun, try to understand the mess of a country and leave. I could have typed on this computer yesterday and I avoided it yesterday, I have plenty of time, or as normal too much time.

Where do I start and where do I end, and how do I say or explain a situation that maybe does not have a solution, and could possibly not need a solution.

The morning Islamic Prayers have started, it is now 4:45 AM, they are coming or permeating through the wall from at least three directions. Each of them sings or chants…. I want social change, we want you to come and change, we want you to wake up… PRAY.

I am already awake, I want you to wake up and change your people, to spend as much time helping as you do making this wonderful noise in the morning.

It is a wonderful noise, sort of peaceful in some places, not so peaceful in other places. It is also the sound of extreme danger for me, I know that I am always at the mercy of some belief I have that I will not be killed.

In most countries of the planet the way to become wealthy is to be connected to the government. I suppose there is a completed connection in Maradi between the government and the Religion.

What would my mother say, she would say,
“I will pray about it.” and I suppose she is saying she will pray or hope that all is good, I suppose I would pray that our same God will see to help.

I guess I am praying that they do not kill me, that is sad prayer, I am just here to see what is happening and hope I can gloss of the top some clear problems and solutions. I suppose the bottom line is the religions here are the only clearly powerful enough organizations to solve this problem. The Western world is putting band-aids on the problems.

I wonder if that is what that guy from the singing group meant, “Band” “Aid”? Bono, I think that is his name.

Maybe that is the solution, I was thinking yesterday as I tried to watch TV here in French. I can watch American Black People MTV Music Videos in English or I can watch Hercules in French. The world has a intriguing sense of humor, I guess I was able to watch CNN make up the news to make money, there is nothing clear and serene.

I like the preoccupation in South America with the discovery channel, and was thinking where are the Giraffes? I am in Africa, I have seen a few Camels, many Donkeys, however I have not seen any Giraffes. I could wish for a Elephant, however that is pushing my luck.

I am avoiding thinking about this problem, no that is not correct, I am avoiding getting myself in trouble about this, I am more than willing to sit around and talk to my new friend, and I hope a long-term friend I met that works for the World Vision Organization. I could talk and discuss world … hehehe Visions for day with him and we could ponder and compare notes and of course we would talk for days and intellectualize and I am not sure, I would have some good talks. I do not think that would change anything, there would still be X number of children dying for somewhat senseless reasons.

Retirement Plans - A pension plan.

What the world needs is a pension plan, there needs a way for people to retire or stop working and not die. That is the only clear observation I am positive on the planet, everything else beget below this problem.

I get old in Niger.
I am not able to feed myself.
I must have five to as many children as necessary.
I need one of them to love me enough to feed me.

I therefore love them, feed them and hope.

If I only had 170 Dollars per year, from the day I am too old to fend for myself to the day I die, I could stop making babies, I do not want or need, I would feel safe, then those extra ones would not have to die, those who are not strong enough would not have to die. I would not have to look the other way and feel guilty knowing, or I know, yes I know, they are dying so I can live.

My overly intelligent friend from World Vision told me a statistic, however I am very doubtful of this statistic, however he said, that UNICEF created this that 200,000 to 300,000 children under 5 die per year in Niger.

If you multiply that time 50 years, you get 10 Million, using the lower number of 200,000.


200,000 times 170 Dollars, the national average income is 34 Million Dollars.

Here is the Band Aid information from Encarta:

- Bob Geldof recorded a single under the name Band Aid whose profits were to be used for famine relief in Ethiopia and neighboring countries. The record — entitled "Do They Know It's Christmas?" — became the most successful single in British history, earning more than $11 million -

I would call that a Band-Aid.

Famine Relief, they need less babies to feed, and the world largest irrigation pump.

I really do not want to talk about it, it is like a huge cluster F#%$, everyone is trying to keep themselves in work, make themselves look good, and the problem is there are babies on the planet born who are needed to work to help support the mother and father who do not want to die when they get old.


I figured this one out years ago.

Everything begets from the same string, everyone is pulling on the same thread, this is the same path, it all leads back to the mother and father.

Send them Condoms and give them 34 Million for ten years, only if they have less than two babies, zero population growth.

100th Issue
December 7, 2002

Now, that is arrogant… hehehe
The answer to world problems, in a nutshell Andy a Hobo, all this is fun and interesting and in my world of dysfunctional recovery, I am positive in the end, they must save themselves. I can not do it for them.

Who knows, I do not know what the United Nations focus on, however I want the number one issue to be - Retirement Money! -

I want a Retirement Plan for every country of the world to be priority number one and all problems below this will solve themselves or go down to the minimal 4-7 percent.

5:44 AM, I am thinking about food, I am wanting something to eat.

I still have not talked about my new friend, they are in the Relief business, a big money business, as best I can see they are not in the - Sustainable - business. That is trendy word and I have a distain for trendy words, however this problem is all about band-aids and not what is needed.

Cultural Change

Send them all Televisions, then they can all watch MTV and Hercules also.

I wish I was joking, however if they had Televisions they could copy what is on Television, obviously this is the only thing that is being copied from the safe and secure worlds of non-poverty.

I suppose Niger needs to collect taxes better, then give to their old people.

I sometime get the feeling I am talking to myself, and really I am, time for another cup of coffee. The TV is broke, nothing works, CNN is not even working, I suppose I would like CNN over nothing, I will read a book with the PDF files on my computer copied and collected in the tradition of all music down loaders. I do not download music, however I have found some books.

There are a lot of Moral Potholes in the paths of the world.

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