MY Niger Shame

MY Niger Shame

This man came up to my window, everyone comes to my window, he was doing exactly what I would wish a person to do, try to live, work, and sell his product. I was hot, had no water, worked helping to get the bus through the sand. I was thinking about water.

I pointed my finger, said in harsh finger pointing terms. Leave me alone, I then looked close, he was a man of respect, trying to do his job.

I was lucky, he came back around the window, I negotiated a good fair price, not a pay to make them happy price, a fair price for me and for him. I do nothing for guilt, however I apolgized for my actions in the only communications we had.

Naw Goody - Thank you in Hausa.

It is not possible to be a saint, the road to Salvation is long and narrow like a Razors Edget.
- Somerset Maughn

The two made me remember, you came to help, not to hurt, first do not harm. I could hide in the air conditioning and never have this moral dilemna. I could be above it or below it in my mind, the moral road is a path I try to steer, I am not sure, sometimes the grey areas makes it hard to walk.

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