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Mumbai Hotel

2005-09-26 03:39:00

I fly to Mumbai or Bombay India tonight, I will be in Mumbai around 10:00 AM or in the morning of 27th of September. I was real worried about hotel and then it hit me...

India has the safest budget hotels on the planet.

There are these huge sliding deadbolt locks in India, I can stay anywhere and be safe, I just need to find a Hotel then figure it out later. I need a Lonely Planet, the internet has completed made me angry, they are getting more full of bait and switch, hide the price.

Big problem now is they advertise the price of the bed, not the whole room, so it has three beds so you pay three times the price.

Andrew purchased a Lonely Planet in Goa and is going to figure this out, finally got him on Yahoo Messenger Chat. So life is good, Stephen is coming from Singapore and we are going to have a SEO or Seach Engine Optimization moment and three man conference in Mumbai.

Totally nerd webpage for a few days. Woopee!