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Most Common Culture

2005-09-26 02:49:00

Most Common Culture
5:21 AM Monday, September 26, 2005

I was going to use the word mean, statistical Jargon that means the most (Stop)

I am forever grateful of my complete mistrust of my brain, I do not trust anything I think, remember, say, interpretations and beliefs, in the end, the bottom line is I do not trust myself, I could be totally wrong. It is absolutely 100 percent possible I have a conclusion yesterday, now, or at any moment that is 100 percent wrong.

I am having this webpage growing pain, I am having difficulty forgetting I am writing my journals, I progressively starting to write for the audience of readers.

What this mean is I try to use the correct word.

Sadly I care about making money more than the audience so normally when I type in a title to my blog, this the moment I go for the money. I know if I type in a title like - Jordan Culture - I will make more money in the long run than this really worthless title - Most Common Culture - that really Search Engine Worthless Title I avoid unless I have no choice, I cannot say something close to correct.

I can use terms like the - Enslavement of Africa with Love - oops, I used the wrong one, I do not trust myself so I went an checked. The title I used was - Africa Enslaved by Love - I changed it from the very active word of Enslavement that means someone outside is doing this to them to the more passive word of them receiving the enslavement process or they are enslaved. I am not capable presently of explaining this clearly and I doubt that I will every have the writing capacity to explain the difference between these two titles, I can see the difference, however foe me to explain why I use the Enslaved is better is difficult for me, I am thinking on an abstract level.

I have totally got off the subject and went onto a tangent, this is more interesting to me than a concept I already have explored in my brain, this has to totally confuse a reader. Sorry it is my journal, I can do as I please.

A man or write explain to me that he could not be my Editor because he was a little dyslexic.

- impaired ability to understand written language: a learning disorder marked by a severe difficulty in recognizing and understanding written language, leading to spelling and writing problems. It is not caused by low intelligence or brain damage. (2) -

I was thinking how easy it would be for me to explain or blame my grammar on this, I have learned and even people have seen when they are close to me or observed in me that I am little dyslexic. I for sure 100 percent believe I am in some strange way Dyslexic, I really do not care, because when I compare myself to the - Most Common Writing Culture - I know I am way above that, so I cannot complain, however when I compare my self to the - Normal Writing Culture - I am extremely low. The people that write or wish to try to write are almost only the ones that are extremely good at grammar, spelling and clarity, it is not the bad writers that try to write books. What this successfully does is embarrass some genius people into not telling their story or thoughts. I suppose when I get some hate mail on my grammar I could stop writing as they wish, shamed into stopping. In fact I am presently thinking or considered last night stopping again as a person from India said I was too harsh, another person said in person that I was racist, what really I did is say in the only words I know, not PC or Politically Correct what I felt, it for sure did not describe my beliefs accurately and was totally misinterpreted, however if you fell the denigration of people long enough you stop. My goal of earning enough money to travel has been overly accomplished, the newsletters and the blogs serve me almost zero value on a public level, other than to beg for torture. I thought they would make me money, however the blog makes me maybe ten cents U.S. per day, and the website, nothing to do with the blog makes me 1000s of time more than ten cents, thanks to the new contextual advertising.

Should I stop publishing my newsletter?
Should I stop publishing my blog?

I have 800 photos right now, I am going to sit in my room for six hours today under the belief that maybe 100 persons of the 7000 readers of the newsletter care to see the photos of Niger. If I had photos of Paris or Germany or England then this number would be closer to 2000 or 3000 and immensely of interest to the reader, however Niger is a great way for me to lose readers and earn less money, so to give annoying comments to readers who really just want entertained is costing me money, not helping me or anyone in the world.

A juicy rationalization, I have just thought of a great excuse to not publish my 800 photos of the last two weeks of Niger. I can harm the culture of Niger, it is my rule of - Ahimsa- not my rule, however a Hindu word of great value to me, that I should first do no harm. Hmm… that applies to the India mans desire for me to be politically correct when talking to India. Maybe I should delve further into the Hindu religion and suss out the many layers of Hinduism, wonder if I can go to India, hide from the dirtiness of India and learn about India Culture that is hard to find.

The - Most Common Culture - or the MODE - I was going to use the word - MEAN - which in statistics means - The Average -, wow the word - Mean - can mean many very opposite things, an angry person, an average person, the explanation of the word, or the use of mean to explain what I mean, as I just reflexively used in the this sentence to say what I mean.

I believe that I mistrust myself as if I have the disease of - Alzheimer’s -.

What an easier way to describe Rene Descartes - Methodological Doubt -. Anyone that is of sound brain and understanding of themselves that would be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease would have to accept or we would hope they would accept they should be careful and even totally mistrusting of their decisions because they have Alzheimer’s Disease.

I think they could call this old age, I am 49 years old, and I am getting extremely annoyed with my brain, it is half as powerful as it was when I was 20 years old, I cannot mentally compete with the speed of brain of a person of the same IQ as me, that is 20, I can beat them in a conversation dialogue because of experience and accumulated knowledge, however if am in a game of chess, and we had to do it the same speed, I will for sure be proven the loser, at my own speed, I may be able still to beat them, however with a little timer next to me, I would lose.

Alzheimer’s Disease, progressive brain disorder that causes a gradual and irreversible decline in memory, language skills, perception of time and space, and, eventually, the ability to care for oneself.

I treat every word I say, I treat ever word I type, I consider every sentence I create or fragment I create to be correct to be made by a man with Alzheimer’s Disease.

The aspect of this disease that hits me is the NEVER had the ability to connect all things I remember or can recall. I remember the three words, mean, mode, and medium, however I use them so rarely, I consistently mistrust myself. I am totally incapable of saying or knowing the time elements of AM and PM, if my computer is not correct, I would type in the wrong half of the qualification of the time of the day. I am incapable of learning which is which, it is AM or PM presently. I know because it is on my computer.

I just thought of an obnoxious way for me to get out of work, or this 800 photos I am avoiding putting captions under, a photos without a caption of Niger is maybe worthless explains almost nothing. Just a photo without the total context of the photo is maybe worthless. However if I wanted, I can do like BBC did to me in there Famine report and misrepresent the photos by creating a context to mislead you, this is why I have 800 photos, hard to mislead 800 Photos, the photos are each a small statement that creates a inductive proper image of the country.

Now I lead myself back home to the start of the concept of - Most Common Culture -.

I am trying to do cultural research; I am trying to create a set of rules by which a University Professor should not throw me out of his office for lack of clear methods. What a true scientist would respect, analyzation of culture has got to be close to Impossible.

I truthfully believe the rating of the HDI (Human Development Index.) or as I so jaded said, the Human Dumbness Index to be of little value, interesting, good cocktail conversation, however a tracking system that will for sure keep some really smart people down, because it will be used to apply distribution of money and resources.

Nonetheless, I am trying to Analyze culture, I am trying to create an Index of the development level of a culture in comparison to another. What I have realized is I must some how define the - mode - of the culture. I must define the - Most Common Culture - within the total culture, I have to take great care when I am in the master culture, I am not observing only a sub-set of the whole culture. The creation of 50 cultures, I mean 50 states is really the definition of 50 sub-sets or 50 if I am correct and because I have Alzheimer’s acceptance of my ability to trust my memory. I will be care, but I think the word is - Ethnological - different areas. I believe the 50 states are 50 - Ethnologically - different areas of the USA.

NOW I go check this word, because I am applying my Alzheimer’s method of study to this, or in more accurate terms I am applying Rene Descartes Methodological Doubt. (Sorry Mom for this mess, hope you stopped reading many moons ago.)


This is not me, this is the Encarta Encyclopedia and Dictionary words, I am very careful in using this word, in fact I am deathly afraid of using this word, I would only use it in verbal conversations with a person I felt positive they did not understand, and only to prove a - Mean - point to them.

- study of ethnic groups: the comparison of different cultures, or the study of how and why cultures differ. Ethnology can focus on one culture through time, or several cultures at the same time. -

- concerned with the study of cultures in their traditional forms and in their adaptations to changing conditions in the modern world -

I am thinking the use of the - Modern - world is a very superiority based concept like there is this master culture in the world, like the whole of Europe or the USA is higher than the Amazon Indian (Andrew my techie from India says I should use the word Tribal here.) Culture or the India Culture…. Oops I am suppose do leave the India culture out of my thoughts.

I am in Jordan, there is some ultra-modern or some aspects of this culture that is extreme modern, I mean this like the use of Xtreme Sports or Extreme Travel, or Extreme in colloquial conversations. There is some big oil money here and they have purchased some EXTREME modern examples of object. There are building here of EXTREME modern examples. However this does not mean that Ethnologically the - Most Common Culture - is the same level as the buildings the paid for, however I have been laughing, the sub-set or specific area of Amman Jordan I am in seems to be at a higher social culture than the Israeli culture I just left, I feel that the Jerusalem Level, specifically the sub-set culture in front of the Damascus Gate and also inside the Faisal Hostel is lower than the one in that surround the Cliff Hotel in Amman Jordan. I think inside the Cliff Hotel is about the same as the Jerusalem Area.

However as I have walked around in Amman or the maybe the tourist area of the Center of the Backpackers Universe that is present in the - Cliff Hotel - area of Amman, I am amazed at the level of social manners, behavior and customs here, this is a very respectful and helpful, happy culture, which delights me, I am enthused by this representation or Polaroid snapshot of the culture I am taking presently.

However to create a set of rules for examining or indexing a culture I cannot look at only one snapshot, I must somehow take a full sample of all the regions of the specific Ethnological - Geographically defined area I am comparing to others.

There is also the time element and the tracking elements. I must to create these rules take into consideration and I will add to this.

1. Geography (What define the area in physical terms)
2. Ethnological (What are the traditions, customs.)
3. Time spent in the area. (What is obvious within a defined time span.)
4. Desire of the culture to keep me inside a cultural box.
(The pushing or shoving of the culture of me into a specific cultural box, the people will point or lead me to a specific Hotel, Area of the City, Tourist Attraction, or something they want to brag about, so they show their best face to the culture.)
5. Transportation - (The need to take the most common type of transportation of the study culture so I can see the culture through the lens of the - Most Common Culture - (Note to study the USA from the Greyhound Bus - is a drastic mistake of the European Travelers.)

Jordan is difficult, I believe the Micro-bus or the middle size bus is probably the normal form of transportation in Jordan or the mode, however hard to suss out because it could be cars.

I have a huge problem in Europe because the most common form of travel between cities could be the train, however within the country it can be the car for the shorter distances. However the world seems to say that I must observe Europe by train, the bus is easier to observe and stop. With the train I go from major city to major city, all I see is major metropolitan areas of Europe and these are not the same as the countries.

It is like saying that New York City is a great example of the culture of the USA, I sure hope not.

Blogging is there any value in seeing this for a reader?

I suppose for .999 percent of the people that read this it is of value, for the rest of my readers, if they ever go to the end of this, they would say, what a lot of noise.

However for my research of cultures I have worked or started to chunk down the rules, by taking my abstract idea and writing them down I have started, not finished, however started to create some rules and guidelines for me to use in studying a culture.

I appears to need to take the most common form of transportation around the country observing only the most obvious customs and habits, for a defined time span say 10 days in each specific Ethnic and Geographic area that I would like to compare to other areas.

Damn, that was pretty good, I would be afraid to let an editor touch that, the information I would gather or observe would be tabled or explained in traits as pulled from my 400 plus specific traits.

Darn, it appears impossible to compare one culture to another, all I can do is go on my instinct. Back to annoying people, I am sad, however I am much more worried about the Mal-Nutrition in India than in Niger. The most common culture of India appears to me below the most common culture of Niger. However for sure the most common government of India is extremely higher than the most common government of Niger.

Bottom line is the government of India much better than Niger.
The people of Niger commonly live better than the normal people of India.

How do I access this, just a gut feeling, it would take years or decades to show or prove, I cannot be bothered. I could get my friend Jeff to come with me that has gone to 100 countries to get a feel from him.

We walked into Nepal after leaving India on the HDI

Nepal is 140
India is 127

However both of us thought out-load to each other, I thought we was supposed to be in a much poorer country. I do not and still do not consider Nepal poorer than India, just my opinion. More isolated in parts of the country, however not poorer overall.

Niger is suppose to be next to the bottom or number 176, this is really unfair in many ways, this is a very clean, organized, orderly, farming culture with a bad government that is not very abusive and does a pretty good job with the amount of taxes they collect. Not very corrupt in comparison to most countries, however for sure not at the top. However to me people are seeing black people and very unfairly they the United Nations placed them lower on many scales because they culturally and instinctively believe black people are below. India has a great mass of problems and is wanting to grow, India is where a greater amount of the world can be helped very quickly and gratefully the India government is wonderful, imbued with a class system, however still trying to improve. India will take many years to remove the snobbery within the ruling class against its normal people.

Enough of avoiding the captions on photos, I need to get to work, I will need to index this blog and tie it into my master study of cultures. What an organizational headache, I have been collecting this for years. I really need about 30 students helping me… hehehe or not.

I will never get far, I do not have them alphabet letters after my name PHD so nobody will take me serious, this is like saying it is impossible for a person from Niger to say a profound statement or make a profound work, there are profound statement and works coming from India all the time. My boy genius does this daily for me.

Profound and genius is found everywhere on the planet, keeping my own culture from stopping me from seeing it is the problem and the goal.

I am not going to run spell check and grammar check because nobody will read this anyway, it is for my archives… hehehe