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Maradi Niger Good Life

2005-09-06 12:39:00

Maradi Niger Good Life
Tuesday, September 6, 2005 6:57 PM

I figured I would have to slum it in Niger, so far I have lived very good, presently I have a room with Air Conditioning CNN Television, close to the market and the SNTV bus stop, I do not know what SNTV stands for.

However, I was told to go to the “Guesthouse,” by a Niger man and I found this is the Maradi Guesthouse, I saw the next large Toyota Land Cruiser by the World Vision Organization there, and I am laughing out loud.

I can say, World Vision has a good presence and much better then most, I have yet to see one American Looking person yet, they all look like Niger people so far, and I will go tomorrow and see.

Well, the NGOs do not slum it, however I knew that years ago, they seem to be in the Maradi Guesthouse at 50 dollars per night or starts at 30,000 to 35,000 Niger Francs. That mean in three days of living in the place they can buy the life of one person for one year in a country where 170 dollars is the national average.

I can say though for a backpacker or at least a true backpacker the place is ridiculously good at trying to stay away from the Niger Culture. I am living now close to the market have already walked around and said hello to half the city.

It is unique culture here, I did learn about some cuts on the face of the Niger people two cuts, one on each side is Niger a one sided set of cuts that is like a spectrum is from Nigeria. In addition, some person explained that in Nigeria they speak English. Wonder of all of the English places are richer than the French places?… hehehe
The Maradi Guesthouse is for tourist, not for people on a budget, you need to be sponsored by free money….

OK, I am trying to figure out the difference between

Francophone and Anglophone, I also discovered a world Lusophone, however I have also learned why there is many candleholders around the room. The electricity went off and I on my laptop batteries, time to light some candles.