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Leaving On a Jet Plane

2005-09-18 05:44:00

Leaving On a Jet Plane
Sunday, September 18, 2005 6:34 AM

I am leaving on a Jet Plane; do not know when I will be back again.
- John Denver

I am very happy to leave Niger, I am getting very bored here in Niamey as this is just a city and not very interesting, however for me the Cow culture of Zermou and small villages of Niger is extremely interesting. I also have a longing to learn more about the Camel Caravans of the Tuareg people.

However, I have no idea how to avoid the NGOs or to just stay away from them; it is like a parasite on the country. I really find I am incapable of not thinking about problems in Niger because every sign I see on the street, every person or non-Niger person I meet is working on some problem or mostly just talking, I have not seen any long-term solutions implemented in the country, I suppose the signs on breast milk and babies with A.I.D.s or S.I.D.A is a solution, however I personally have only seen acute solutions to immediate death problems by the Red Cross and Doctors without Borders. Other than that, it appears to be a country that functions very poorly, however this would make sense, and it is on the HDI list at second from bottom.

On the other hand, this is country is not so poor, it is pretty high on my list of countries, I am not feeling sorry for them, I for the most part think they need to work more and stop crying the blues. Then again, the NGOs are not helping and are creating beggars. I am ready to leave, there is little to do here of effective work, give me 50,000 dollars and I will buy advertising in the Hausa language on the major radios for a few months and put up signs in all the major cities. Let me think… each sign should cost about 100 Dollars, then the cost to distribute, I would say there are six major population centers in Niger, there is about 30 smaller villages around them, so to market to the whole country of Niger would take.

20 signs per major city.
2 per smaller city.

6 x 20 is 120 signs for major cities.
180 smaller cities.

I need about 300 signs and because we always underestimate, we need 400 or 500.

500 time 100 dollars per sign is 50,000 Dollars another 100 dollars per sign to put them up so I guess it would take 100,000 dollars to make them illustration signs where there is like a cartoon to show…

“Grow Vegetables and Fruits or your children die!”
List them out, tell them where to buy or get them free.

I believe that if you tell them the solution.
Tell them their children will die if they do not do grow certain foods.
Give them the seed or plant starts.

- JOKE - This is a joke, I do not steal.
So.. I steal five of them big United Nations or World Vision SUVs, we sell them for one-fourth the money, and we then have enough money to tell them to eat their veggies.

Note for those nay Sayers, I was a Large Real Estate Broker in the USA and had over 100 signs made and distributed. I was paying 14 dollars per hour to have them put up and I can pay here about 10 dollars per day, and it is still 9 times more than the national average pay.

I wander where I can get a one of them cement truck like vehicles from the USA that are 6 wheel drive. I am always amazed at the Cement trucks in the USA and where they can drive, it is really a great vehicle and would be perfect here in Niger for going to the small village with tons of supplies, of course we do not need a cement hopper, you need a dump truck back on the end, however you need the chassis of the Cement Truck.

I think the Doctors without Borders from France wanted 57 million for Niger as I read on CNN, I was in a hurry, so maybe not correct and I am typing from memory. However, for a long-term solution, they could spare a couple hundred thousand to educate the people.

OK we forget the radio, there is no sticky marketing to Radio, it is a big payment and no staying power, and I am in favor of only signs. I can commission one them no cooking over open flames or the AIDS mother sign people, they already know where and who to pay too much to make signs.

Not fond of the idea of wood signs in this country, they need to keep their trees; maybe we can find a composite plastic.

Oh well, so much for Niger, I am off to Egypt, I have a date in Mumbai, India and need to hurry.

These people can save themselves or die; I guess they have a choice.

I guess the NGOs can help them lose their desire to work and help them to die.

There is nothing more effective than taking a good worker and having him work for some Government or Non-for profit organization and turning the person into a big blob of non-working meat. I really hate when people learn to do nothing and be paid for it. I on the other hand like to do nothing, think very hard and get paid for it.

It does not take a genius to make money working 16 hour days, however it does take a genius to work 2 hours per day, travel around the planet, and live anywhere and everywhere he wishes. I am so grateful to be born to smart parents, which live in a small town, worked in factories, and told me to go work. I suppose working on a farm for 8 summers of my life helped a lot, plus the couple of years of being a cement worker.

I wonder if any of these NGO workers have every worked Construction.

I am laughing to myself, the world is full of people who need labels, and I had a General Contractors license in the USA that would allow me to build a building up to 100 stories, to say the least, not a small license.

I am amazed though on how much crap information there is on the planet, I have this guy Pelle that keeps saying he is not this or that that and it is obvious he knows more than the ones with the labels.

I have zero degrees of schooling in computer or the internet; I have never taken a class in anything to do with computers or marketing. I will say I am for sure a 100 percent expert in the internet. However, I probably could not get a job with Microsoft because I do have a piece of paper. This is the wonder of the internet, only takes aptitude not money or a piece of paper.