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Just Another Day in Travel Paradise

2005-09-25 09:49:00

Just Another Day in Travel Paradise

I left the Faisal Hostel at 6:30 AM after checking the internet and blogging a couple of times. Muhammad came home as I was finishing, he is about 17 and probably Islamic, however for sure he seem very drunk, I had to try to wake him to unlock the door, he would not wake, however luckily Hisham came and opened the door.

(Islamic Religion does not drink.)

I went to the very modern Central Bus station, escalators, internet cafes, and all sort of toys and proceeded to wait in the what seemed to be a set of stainless steel handrails that creates a perfect queue to board the bus from Jerusalem to Bet She’am or the border two hours north from Jerusalem. Of course, the close border, which would make lots of sense, is not easy so I have to take a 6-hour trip that should be a 2-hour trip.

The day is somewhat silly, no really silly; it is sometimes as if travel is made to be a tragic comedy, or maybe a surrealistic tragedy, all in all travel is amusing.

I was sitting in the queue, the bus is supposed to come to line 8; however everyone is entering through my door. This is Sunday, which is Monday in comparison to the USA, Saturday is like Sunday here in Israel, so Sunday is the first day of the week and I guess the worst day to travel because all the sloppy dressed soldiers are going back to work, and if they are late they get punished.

Nobody is standing in line, they use any door to exit.

Here is a mess; this is one of the highest tech bus systems that would be perfect to corral this tribal mentality of the whole Middle East. You can for sure say that Israel is rich, first world with equipment, food growing techniques and every modern appliance and store on the planet, however sometimes I think they said,

“All y all y ally outs in free.”

I have no idea how to spell it, however when you play hide and seek, you close the game by calling in all of them who successfully hid from everyone to come in free. I think they allowed all the sheep or goat herders from the whole world to come in FREE to Israel, I am not sure they may have sent the bankers to the USA to earn money to support the goat herders here in Israel.

All of the Middle East is like the Beverly Hillbillies, they struck it rich, went to live in a Mansion and still act like Hillbillies. Any way you do it the oil boom for Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and all the other oil nations, and then the send-money-from-the-USA Israel, this area is the Beverly Hillbillies re-runs.

You can give a culture a great place to live, however they are still the same culture, actually I think the whole place is missing some role models.

Even though this looks modern, there is absolutely no system, you must fight to get a spot, then for sure you could end up standing in the aisle for two hours or however long your trip is, it is chaos in the middle of a modern system that is not even utilized. Like a Mexico Bus system with a twist.

My old friend Walls Ice Cream in Hebrew, this is one of the most International Companies on the planet, maybe Nescafe beat them, and Coca Cola, however they do better than Pringles and this is Ice Cream disguised by changing their name everywhere, however they do not change the logo.

McDonalds is not International, Nescafe Coffee is, Walls Ice Cream is, Pringle is trying, Coca Cola is not even American, it is a world owned company.

The day get crazier as I enter Jordan, I paid about 30 dollars to take a taxi from Beit Shean inside Jordan to Amman. This is about 25 dollars more than I expected or thought I would pay, I am in a cheaper country and I paid more, I paid about 10 dollars on the Israel side for the same distance.

A Baghdad Babe, a girl of twenty that was not only excited, I felt like a movie star walking into this travel agency. This girl radiated when I walked into a Travel Agency to try to buy a plane ticket to Mumbai, India. Her mother and father shook my hand, she instantly wants my email address, she give me mine and she hands me a card with a cross on it. I did not pay much attention then I realized, this is a Cross, a Christian Cross. What is she handing me, I am in an Islamic Country and a girl from Baghdad having all sorts of tribal fights between many factions of warring Islamic groups and here is some excited Christian girl proud of her Christianity.

She is very nice, her mother and father are very nice, she is telling me how much the Iraqi people love Americans, and I am trying to explain I was in Baghdad and liked the place, especially the Chicken. I am laughing because no matter what I would ever say, write, or know, the world would think I am making this up, or somehow staging this meeting.

Oh yes, she is showing me her American Flag Wallet. I tell you, nobody should ever watch CNN, BBC, or any of the news channels, in reality they are just a soap operas and the change the story line everyday and make up stories for the public. I am sure that Al Jazeera even has a greater imagination. Nonetheless, this girl and her family are going to Detroit, Michigan to see her Grandmother and I think try to stay, her Grandmother is in the Hospital with a knee problem.

I am sad to explain, hard to explain, this is one of them joys of travel, when some culture is so excited to meet you they are stunned. This girl was stunned, like she never seen a blond man or person in her life. I felt like Tom Cruise with a group of College girls that just dumped their boyfriends to come and talk.

I can’t wait, I will probably get some type of anal emails saying I misinterpreted what I really did, even though the person telling me this has never left the USA or Europe.

On the other side of the street, up the street, I stop and look at these books, here is some Sadaam Hussein book, I have no idea what it says, however I do think it is a pro-Sadaam book.

Jordan is next to Iraq, probably funding the fighting along with Syria, Iran and other country in the neighborhood. Not the governments of these nations however, the people as normal outside the country care more than the people inside the country.

I give up on the Middle East, it is just too stupid some days, this is what happens when you give goat herders a million dollars and send them to K-mart, they would not be allowed into the Rolex store.

Deutschland or something development group has stocked the fridge in Niger with Beer. I was complaining or thinking that the last thing these NGOs or Development groups ought to do is bring beer to Niger. This is number two from the bottom of the barrel, teach them to drink and they may challenge Sierra Leone for the bottom spot on the HDI Human Development Index.

What dingalings the world is, let go bring Smallpox and kill all the indigenous, I wander if they will relate the ripping of culture by the save the world dingalings in the history books of the future.

To say the least, there is never a dull moment when I travel, I am now going to Mumbai where you even up the ante.

Note: All the control panel of is Japanese, what a day.