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Israel Jordan Border Crossing Trip

2005-09-24 20:43:00

I am going to cross the Border at the Beit Shean Bridge or something like that, the King Hussein bridge is not easy to use and you need a visa before or something like that.

I will leave the Damascus Gate area, pay 30 shekels or Israeli money to go to the Egged bus systems.

In the pull down on the Egged site it tell the times, they spell Bet She'an, I am hoping this is the right city.

As of September 25 the EXPRESS buses are said to leave on this page
06:15 961 express
07:30 961 express
07:45 948 col.
09:00 961 express
10:15 961 express

I suppose if you leave later than these times you are not a very good traveler so you need to have trouble, I really want to arrive in Amman early in the afternoon, I believe it will take seven hours, so if I leave at 7:30 then maybe around 3 I will arrive in the Afternoon, another hour to get the hotel and 5:00 I will be settled in, I hope.

This is not a great timing for me, I would normally get there before 2:00 if possible, then I have five extra hours of daylight to deal with problems. This is the real world, not Kansas, and they have a reputation for crazies, the same as Africa, Europe, USA, South America, Central America and any continent I missed. After dark the crazies come out and I do not like to walk around with all the money, possessions I own on my back, I do think the Middle East is smart enough to see I am full loaded.

It says the bus to the border is 42 shekels or Israeli money.

I guess it will cost me about 75 shekels to get to the border.