I go to Jerusalem Now

I leave for the Sheraton Cairo where I will go by bus from Cairo to Jerusalem, Israel. I travel with MISR Tour, which from the ticket is the same as Mazada Tours. The Jerusalem side is more organized and friendlier, however I hope his works. I will get there, however you pay for comfort, or you think you do. I have never found much correlation between paying a lot and comfort on tours. More of seeing how much they can make, you do not return.

Five Star Hotels are nice at 30 times times the cost of mine.

I will leave at 9, arrive he says in 9-10 hours, I think or expect to arrive in 14 hours.

6 at night is 9 hours.

11 at night is 14 hours.

Understanding how they make a story is the secret of making your life better, I know what I am doing, the one that believe them is the one that has the problem.

The trip here was said the same, however I arrived at 11 at night and left earlier.

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