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I am Israeli Spy

2005-09-24 19:46:00

I am in the Faisal Hostel across from the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem, this is the second time here and really the only reason is because I came with a girl from Iceland and she recommended the place. I was in Tel Aviv the first time and then I came with her by bus, now the second time after Niger and Egypt.

Today I go to Amman, Jordan by bus, I guess what really if I went direct and in a normal world would be 2 hour trip will take 7 because I have to go to special bus.

I have lived or stayed in the Faisal about 12 days in all about 8 or 9 the first time and now three more, it is nice place however this is a Pro-Palestine Hostel and obvious. However easy to stay, the manager is great, and free coffee, unlimited free internet with a hard line connection, this makes me happy.

However the people are strange sometimes and I ask questions and they get defensive, I am just a traveler and I have said many times in the blog, I think they are up to something.

I finally go a man yesterday to explain.

People think the place is bugged or there are listening devices by Israel in the Hostel and they also believe their are Israeli spies in here. I was told if I said I lived here they may not allow me in the country. I told the Taba gate exactly where I was staying,
"The Faisal"

I think they are up to something, however nice place. the girl laughed.

Ok, so the weird part here and all makes sense, they are up to stuff or really they are just silly and stupid, however the gossip is there is spies here.

So if they do not know who I am, the
"You are a spy."


There is this organization called ISM, I do not know what it means and I think they all have different webpages, here is one on London.

I really cannot be bothered to figure out what these people are up to, it is pretty obvious they are looking for trouble in their lives and will go down paths of dysfunctional behavior. Trust me, I am an ex-alcoholic, there is some extreme dysfunctionals here, so makes if interesting to observe. However their is some really good people like Oliver and the boy from England who explained the spy thing.

For the most part a fun hostel and some really clueless individuals, those rebels without a clue and this makes it fun, although many times too stupid to take serious or listen too.

I will be in Amman tonight and looking for a plane ticket to India.