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Hobo in Mumbai India

2005-09-27 06:12:00

Hobo in Mumbai India
Tuesday September 27, 2005

I am not sure what time it is, the time has changed.

I am in Mumbai and the world has changed channels, like going from HBO to the Discovery Channel life changes quickly. Hard to believe that you jump over a nation’s border and life changes so much. Jordan was like a weak version of Europe and now I am in a version of Niger.

This is my second trip to India, this one with be short, however I will never forget the manager of the Hotel in Varanasi, India when he said,
“I can never leave India, it is a Question Mark.”

A Question Mark

This is and still is the best way to describe India, I just had a 45 minute taxi drive with an over stimulation of the senses. The drive was hot, with this sticky sensation, as if we were walking though the mist of the wave crashing on the beach. This however is a combination of pollution, dust, and exhaust fume, heated up and you feel sticky.

I am decompressing from the five-hour plane trip from Amman, Jordan to Mumbai a.k.a. Bombay, India. I arrived at the perfect time, 10:30 in the morning and am now in hiding in the most expensive hotel I have ever been in India. At 20 Dollars I am way above my normal Hobo pay scale, I am trying to figure it out, Goa is about 4 dollars a night, beaches, waves, palm trees, and cheap, a trade for too much of too many.

However, I am presently the dot on the bottom of the question mark; I am in Mumbai, India the center or the storm, the question mark of India.

Interesting type home, there is second story and many times, it is almost impossible to enter the lower story, maybe this is a new type of protection for the home from theft.

A man sticking his hand up to the window of the taxi, a very common event, the see me in the taxi next to them in traffic and decide to say hello, of course many time in typical Indiana fashion, I say hello and they return the hello. I am from Indiana, the state of I now have to be careful, and they do not think I am from India.

Wonderful to see the simplicity of life some day, this little girl was showering in the street as I am sure many do in the semi-typical manner of India to take a dip shower. She is oblivious to the thousand of cars, the smells, the taxi driving by with a foreigner in the back, totally over stimulated by a city that for sure has more questions than a two life times of exploration could answer.