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Hobo in Jerusalem

2005-09-22 22:33:00

I am the Hostel in Jerusalem, I look for a way to Jordan, then go there to buy a tickets to Mumbai hopefully tomorrow.

The Hostel is nice because it has a hard line connection to a high speed internet connection for free. I am in a strange place for me, because for sure I an not anti-Israel, I am definitely not pro-Palestine blow yourself up mentality, I am in favor of two states separated by a huge wall.

However the Faisal Hostel, a great friendly place, mess, dirty, grundgy in the true flavor of good backpacking is fun, however interestingly all the travelers inside are on mission or most of them are on a mission to help Palestine.

I have no idea how that idea will ever work, in fact I get the feeling the people outside the country care more than the people in the country. It is like Tibet in this manner, I never heard or felt the people of Tibet cared that China ran Tibet, however all of the travelers were trouble makers.

Some type of On a Mission Travel.

Oh well, gives me something to think about, however for sure the beaches of Tel Aviv are nice, however the Hostels are way too expensive and sort of touristy, about the same as any Europe Hostel. The Faisal is much better in the family atmosphere or the home away from home. Plus about one-third the price of the Tel Aviv Hostels. however no beautiful girl, especially no beautiful Israel girls, no beach, however all you want of the ragged, too old to travel, tye died, ex hippies on a cause women, then here is the place. Sort of like the divorced women that hate men, however a good hoot, and the managers of the Hostel are top notch.

Plus some really cute not so well wrapped hippie chics.

Murals on the wall, anti this and anti that, a place where anyone that hates their father would be right at home, anti establishment, anti globalization, the true world of rebels without a clue.

I go to Jordan and to India within the next 7 days I hope, I promised Andrew by the 30th of September.