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Hiding in Mumbai

2005-09-28 03:29:00

Hiding in Mumbai
Wednesday 28, 2005

I am in a room here in Mumbai, India. I wonder if I am hiding, I have no desire to leave the room, I am not wanting to go see the city, I am not clear why, this part of my travel experience that is becoming more clear daily. It is not enough to see the world, which is not a good reason to travel. I must live and see the country, keep the same sense of boredom I have in the USA, too much stimulation is hard on my brain. There is no comfort in see everything and anything. I need a steady routine of nothing.

I cannot stand to study in University for 16 hours per day. I do not want to travel for 16 hours per day. I need to rest the brain; I cannot observe a place that is 80 percent different from normal the whole day.

There are people that can focus and study, learn 12-18 hours per day, I can learn about 7 hours per day and I think that is 6 hours more than normal. A brain drain concentration is difficult for people, if it was easy, then people would go to University with no problem. Everyone complains about studying even the persons in University.