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Get the Hell Out of my Office

2005-09-23 00:08:00

Get the Hell Out of my Office
(Me pretending I am a Profesor in the University of Michigan.)

I am sitting waiting for the shower here in the Hostel, started a friendly one-side conversation where I asked all the questions and the person on the other answered. Mainly I think because the person had no interest in learning.



A: Me… Hobo

B: University of Michigan student working on his PHD and wanting to write a dissertation on about the West Bank of Israel

A: Connection to the Internet

B: Yes

A: Are you a Journalist.

B: I am doing Research.

A: Where are you from?

B: University of Michigan

A: What are you researching?

B: I am trying to explain how the West Bank of Jerusalem has change from 20 years ago from being very open to have many checkpoints.

I think.

A: Wonder when the first Suicide Bomber became fashionable…

Then I think.

A: I suppose a Kamikaze pilot of Japan is a Suicide Bomber.

I am thinking, hmm…. The checkpoint and suicide bomber must have a very close correlation, what they are checking at the checkpoints are suicide bombers.

I go on tact; he is not very invigorating or interested.

A: How do you define you sample, do you divide the area up into geographical areas, then talk with people.

NOTE: He had already said he was going around interview people.

B: No

A: How do you find the people to interview?

B: I sort of enter into conversations with people I meet.

Ok, I am getting the picture, now his study to understand the West Bank movement from a Sociology point of view, the study of groups. He needs to talk with maybe only people over the age of 50, they must have been able to be of discerning age for the last 20 years, able to see all the area, not restricted by money and have no prejudices. I am defining the sample or the group, then I would go into great detail explaining who is in the same, who is allow, why they are or are not allow.

B: It is not that way; I do not see Sociology as a science.


This is the point where I think to myself…


Get the F#@% out my office, come back when you get a clue, a person working on his doctorate is expected to have a higher level of critical thought.

You do not define you areas, this is the study of a movement or phenomena of a group.

What has happened to the ability, maybe it has never existed, is there not a Professor of Sociology in the University of Michigan that wants to say, you are just making noise, you are doing no valid research.

Get out of my office, this is a serious University, we do not produce people of your caliber, it is an insult to the University.


I try to always grasp onto the details or specifics that seem 99 percent agreed are true, extrapolate one level, never two levels away from this assumption or thought. Try to collaborate with detail, try to figure out more, I listen and do not try to lead the subject. Here in Palestine to do this study I would need to learn a couple of language on a rudimentary level so I can avoid the zealots, there are people emotionally involved in this subject and their ability to just observer or relate the phenomenon is stained.

Get out of my office.

There is this idea in the world that opinions are some type of data.

I always have at the top of my Blog, I am not a Journalist, I mean by this, I do not go around collaborating every opinion I have, these are only my journals, and they are not a critical study of anything. I do critical studies, however to put in the blog is impossible. In addition, an un-completed critical study is just noise. It takes years to do real research.

There is nothing about my blog that I could say is one hundred percent accurate, everything is opinions.

However, the New, Media, Writers, and Researchers are in this error of taking their thoughts and opinions and giving them an over-abundance of credence. Then the silly people do not say….

Get the Hell out of my office, you are a nut.

For all of you anal people out there who do not like my writing style, you can pay persons to edit, it is possible and normal. I will eventually have all of my writing cleaned… however this is my journals.

I would like to read Marco Polo or Christopher Columbus or other world travelers journals.