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Failure to Thrive

2005-09-13 11:24:00

Failure to Thrive
6:45 PM Tuesday September 13, 2005

I am sad in many ways about my trip to Niger, there are real problems here and now I can see in many places where I have visited many times there is the same problem. There are children under the age of five that die because they do not either get breast fed long enough or

In the first 5 years.

1. They do not receive the proper balance of foods. - Malnutrition
2. The mother does not love or care for the baby.
"Failure to Thrive." This is a Psychology Term!
(This is in the USA also.)

The list of ways then the baby is attacked by their Environment just grows from there, they have Malaria, infections, diseases, the get hit by motorcycles or cars because they are dull. This child is not able to survive
in the world they live.

Darwin would possibly say it was normal selective removal of the weak. Maybe this is necessary or correct, I am not clear in my mind.

The lack of love problem probably is less in the smaller villages because the mother does not get lost in the mess of the city, and the local social group is able to and wants to exert pressure on the nuclear family of the villagers. Plus you have a sort of chief of the village that monitors and cares for the group. A big brother or father image.

( A really vicious ant was attacking me crawling in my hair, ants are the worst for me, mosquitoes are manageable, ants can go anywhere.)

There is this cultural myth of a possible transference of belief systems that is extremely damaging. It is the idea that we love our children and care for our children so all families and all cultures love and care for their children.

This is probably true in 80 percent of the family lives however in the 20 percent of families there is not a bond of love that binds them, it is more a need for each other bond, the mother and father need workers and helpers, the children need protection and housing.

Street children are more or less children that are not wanted.

I cannot believe how bad the ants are, they have attacked and bitten me so much I had to get up and kill about 10 of them, or as many as I could kill. I wonder if ants carry any diseases or viruses? I turned off the Air Conditioner and suddenly the problem became worst. They are very tough ants, the only way to kill them is to put between my fingers and grind them to death.