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Emails Blocked to Hobo in Niger

2005-09-11 03:33:00

For people trying to write me, I think it is best to write with the form on this page, my Yahoo mail is working and I think the other, however Niger, Nigeria and many countries are well known for being big spammers. This mean that the big internet providers will sometimes just block the whole country, countries or other ways.

I think the Yahoo or Hotmail are best accounts to write me, if you are wanting to write me a from your corporation account, maybe 25 percent chance it is blocked.

Hard to know the world would think about blocking a person personal mail, or just wipe whole countries off the planet. Email is becoming as important as normal mail, would you like your home mail blocked from a country on the planet?

Note the Spell Check is blocked with Pop up blocker, the world is a control freak.