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Crossing from Israel to Jordan

2005-09-23 00:57:00

Crossing from Israel to Jordan

This is a map of Jordan, I am trying to figure out how to go to Jordan, I am learning the one King something bridge is closed or I cannot get my visa just going to the bridge.

All this comes down to this, I do not have a Guidebook, the internet basically sucks for good clear information, I need to find a crossing. Lonely Planet probably has this all explained, the bigger problem is I travel from place to place, I have not been able to purchase a guidebook while traveling so I have to scramble or find someone with a guidebook. To do this with speed is difficult to spend five days here would be easy, I want to leave tomorrow. I am going to the Mazada tour company up the hill, the lady is smart.

I am leaving Israel or the West Bank and trying to get to Amman, this is really becoming an annoying trip. I am a Hostel with many travelers, I go to Hostels to figure out this stuff. The manager is smart and told me something, I will try to find a tour company that can just get me across.

This is the West Bank of the Jordan River, this is the headache area of the planet, a small strip of land which for all practical purposes is worthless, however the religious nuts will break every sense of morals or ethics to try to claim. Like they are working in the name of the devil to take a piece of real estate, I do think it is a unholy place. Nothing to do with God everything to do with bad people, I am sure God is going, how crazy people can become and how far they can stray.

The idea is here, is we will kill you if you do not allow us to worship God here on this piece of land.