Ask Members Best Price for Plane Tickets?

Cairo to Jerusalem

2005-09-21 01:37:00

I am hoping to leave by bus tomorrow or the next day to Jerusalem by bus, I am thinking this Mazada tours will work again, however not so easy to find here in Cairo.

India now says I will have my India visa at 12:30, I was first in line today when they opened at 8:30 so they seemed ready to help today, they said it would be one more day, so they changed for the better, however I do not have my visa yet, so I am crossing my fingers.

I cannot buy tickets until I am sure, so it just make life a rush.

I will go to Jerusalem, hang for a day, then go to Amman Jordan to try to buy the ticket to India, I am really wanting to see how big of Gate Amman Jordan is for Air Traffic so I can add to my Construct your own Around The World Plane Ticket page.

I am going to India and I learned there are some cheap airfares now inside of India, this is really good because I can pop down to Goa for 43 dollars one way, this is wonderful, I am adding them also soon.