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Bus from Cairo to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem Israel

2005-09-22 22:11:00

I have arrived in Jerusalem, Israel about 10 minutes before 12 Midnight last night, the trip with Mazado tours took by bus from 9 in the morning to 12, so that is 16 hours.

We crossed at the Taba border, different than the last time and much better.

The cost was 55 dollars and the angry addition of 15 dollars so the cost was 70 Dollars U.S. for the bus trip. Strange the mentality, however we paid 55 to book, then immediately up getting on the bus we paid another 15.

Everyone agreed the lady inside the MISR tours office inside the Cairo Sheraton Egypt was a mean and terrible person and of no help.

We actually took a but was a different company.

E-Mail: crt AT ( Fix the Email to make work)

Mr Yossri Eshak is Tourism Manager
Tour leader is Wesam William

I had good luck with Mazada tours from Jerusalem, however whoever the lady is inside the Cairo Sheraton, she needs taken out and flogged. A great example of about 50 percent of the Egypt lack of service mentality. However for sure this gives Sheraton a bad association by being a tour company inside their hotel.

Generally it was mass confusion as normal, no place to sit in front of the Sheraton to wait, I am looking for Misr tours and the bus says Crown Tours. Generally though standard operating procedure for tour companies. I was talking with a great guy from Canada that works for the Vancouver Tourism Bureau.

He says in their jargon they call it the infrastructure.
I call it string logic or an algorithm.

This is the help neeeded for a tourist.
A person signing up for a tour should be able to go from point A to B to C to D easily and never become confused.

This is difficult, however in most countries there is no attempt to do this, sign up and you are on your own. This is why I do not take tours, I do not how to connect the dots already, why pay to not know.

There was a huge argument in the bus as everyone tried to understand why we paid the 15 dollars.

I did in the end learn that it could be better to fly from Amman Jordan to Cairo by airplane in a backwards manner, I could have went to Israel, then to Jordan, then to Cairo, then back to Jordan, then back to Israel. Look at a map, this is not in a straight direction.

The flights from Cairo to Jordan can be cheap, generally overall the tourism around the Pyramids of Egypt to me seem extremely crap, for a major destination on the planet, most tour companies seem to totally drop the ball. Strangely a market that is not touched by the tour markets in a way that would really sell tours.

There is no doubt that thousand and thousands of people come from Israel, Jordan or Syria to the Cairo area and all have a really complicated and uncomfortable experience like me.

I was told the trip was 9 hours, it was 16, I consider this a lie. I knew it was this long because the trip from Jerusalem to Cairo before was this long. However a really old person that would believe this could be in a lot of pain.

The bus trip from Cairo to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem is as a rule of thumb a 15 hour trip.